Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tough guys

Teaching the next generation about being a tough guy...
even when you are just 4 years old

There's something about tough men that just makes my heart race.

You can see it in their face, often worn by the sun, and in their hands, callused and chapped from the jobs of the day.

Josh qualifies as the leader of tough men in MY opinion (and this is the way it should be...after all, he's my husband). In my head he's right up there with John Wayne and Gus from Lonesome Dove (this analogy has been used by others too...which makes me smile and laugh).

Just a Monday afternoon bird hunt with Kenzie.

Now, being a lover of tough men isn't for the faint at heart. Loving one of these men requires a certain breed of woman that is confident enough to believe that she too is tough and can handle what life throws at her and subtle enough to quietly guide her tough guy in the right direction when he's led astray. I hope to be one of these women.

Fixing feeders

I'm feeling this nostalgic love because lately when I arrive home after a long day and dream of an evening on the couch or porch with wine in hand, I'm often met with this...a tough guy, with some type of heavy equipment, doing something ridiculously dangerous without anyone around and hoping to finish it quickly before the sun goes down. He's covered in dirt and sweat and starving from forgetting to eat that day. Yep, he's all mine, ladies. Stand back.

Just a typical Tuesday...building a barn

I love this tough guy...and love that his heart isn't callused and cut like his hands are. He lives his life for Christ, me, his family and friends. He loves all things outdoors and manly, involving firepower whenever possible. He can spend hours practicing and researching ways to become better at the things he's passionate about. He's a great daddy to our two girls...making him an equal sucker, just like me, for black labs and blue lacys. He's kind and compassionate. He would rather be out of the spotlight and behind the scenes of fulfilling someone else's joy. He loves a glass of whiskey paired with a chocolate chip cookie after a long day.

He's funny...and smart...and protective...and mine.

Yeah, this is a tribute, in a way, to my husband...and his toughness. But, it's also a tribute to all of our tough guys...whether they are the killers of big bugs in the house, the Saturday morning T-ball coach that is strong enough to face a dozen 5 year olds, or the man that is able to handle a full day of shopping without whining (there are few that can reach this level, let's be honest).

But, if he's like my tough guy, he'd probably just roll his eyes after reading this, laugh that I wanted to be considered tough myself, and ask for that cookie and glass of Crown Royal.

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