Monday, October 10, 2011


No, not that.

It was an unplanned DAY. 

Yesterday Texas finally got some really good rain.  We were blessed with over 3 inches in Bulverde.  This is a BIG deal these days.  Texas is in the worst drought in history.  So, every drop counts...seriously. 

When Josh and I woke up to the sound of thundering growls and lightning flashes early Sunday morning we both were delighted to hear the sounds that we had been praying for for so many, many months.  We discovered many hours later, once our bedroom began to be filled with a dim light from outside, that the rain, thunder and lightning was actually pretty powerful and we were without power and had been for quite sometime.

There was no reason to move!  Awesome. 

Since we knew we were unable to make coffee and that most of the city was out of power too (thank you, iPhone), the only obvious choice for the morning agenda...sleep.  Good, genuine, quiet, unplanned sleep! 

Oh did it feel good!  So, so good. 

When the light finally became too bright, we finally decided that books could join us in bed.  We spent a majority of the day reading, resting, praying, talking, working on our bible studies, listening to music (on my already charged iPad), and appreciating a day without a plan. 

When the power finally returned, after noon, we decided there was no real need to speed up and try to capture the "lost" morning. Instead, we left the lights off, brought the coffee back to bed with us, and watched completely random and pointless movies. Perfect.

Everyone loved the day...labs, lacys, and pugs included.

It was truly lovely.  So, so lovely. 

We prayed Sunday night and thanked God for such a wonderful unplanned and unscripted day.  He is sooo good!  And for the rain.  The good, soaking, restoring rain.

Thank you, Lord!


Friday, October 7, 2011

Words of encouragment...

This past week I have been in bed...truly for almost a full week...well, 5 days, but it still counts.

I had one of the IVIG treatments that I receive each month on Monday.  These treatments are working and are helping reduce the crazy symptoms from this neuro disease that my body has, but they have some lovely side effects...primarily migraines and massive body aches.  It's totally fun...I hope you can sense my sarcasm. 

Spending an entire week in bed, even with a Tempurpedic, is not fun.  I actually figured out that your body and back can max out on Tempurpedic cushioning.  Maybe my spine is too straight now. 

My sweet husband has done a fabulous job of taking care of me, mainly by taking care of our house and dogs while I slept and slept.  I'm so thankful for him.  So thankful.  And blessed.  He's worked hard to make me smile and keep me laughing, even if it was only momentarily, before going back to sleep with a rag on my head.

Most of the time his simple, "I love you" and, "We will get through this" are certainly enough, but when Josh isn't here or his encouragment just isn't enough, I have to cling to the verses of the bible that wrap around me like a hug from Christ.

Just in case you need a hug are the words that I have led me through the dark days.  Maybe that's a bit dramatic...through the past 5 days, in bed, with the curtains closed. 

And a few more to make you smile (they made me smile)...

Happy Friday, Loves!