Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Photo by House Beautiful

Who would have thought that picking a paint color for the laundry/craft room would be so tough? I didn't. I knew what I wanted...light blue. Well not a baby blue, but a soft, light blue with a grey undertone...but not too much grey and definitely not too 'little boy nursery' looking. Why doesn't the Sherwin Williams sales guy know exactly what I am talking about?! Why does he look at me like I'm smoking crack?!

I know, I'm overly optimistic sometimes. Ok, ok...a lot of times.

Sometimes it is just better to give me 3 choices...the idea of ALL of the options in the world can cause me to freeze and not make a decision at all.


So far we have 3 large sections of blue painted across the laundry room walls. I look at the colors in the morning (the early sunlight), the late afternoon (when the room is filled with sun), and after dark (when the room is lit by the overhead lights and when I will probably in the room the most).

Hmmm...no decision.

The contenders now stand at...

Benjamin Moore's Glass Slipper
Photo from House Beautiful

Sherwin Williams' Silvermist

Can't remember where I found this...but it looks great on the wall in real life and actually contains a lot more blue than it looks like.

Benjamin Moore's Ice Cube Silver


A few of the great inspiration photos I am using...

Great unknown color by Farrow & Ball

Photo by House Beautiful, I think.

I'm loving this one...wish I knew what it was.

Liz Levin Interiors

And so we stand...and stare at a blue splotched wall. And Josh laughs because they are all within a tiny shade or two of each other...and look very similar, I know. And then he scowls when I mention that maybe we should try a few more...and I laugh because I know in the end, I'm going to cover a majority of the walls with white cabinets. Jeez, I should be focused on the floors! What am I thinking? And my ADD kicks in and I'm gone...looking at floor samples with a very blue and frustrated husband and very splotched laundry room walls.


  1. Silvermist....let's get this show on the road. :)

  2. Reminds me of my dining room paint color decision where I stared at paint swatches for months, carefully made a decision and the hubby offered to go get the paint and paint the wall for me (so I said "sure") and he mentioned after it was done that he had gone to Lowes instead of Home Depot and just told the paint guy to match the swatch....
    - Meredith

  3. Meredith, now that is hysterical! Thank God you didn't know that until after the wall was painted.

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog and had to laugh at your paint crisis & ADD:) I could have written it! Our hubbies deserve a medal for all we put them through. FYI-the glass slipper rocks but doesn't have the green undertone of the silvermist. A great in between is BM wispering spring. Good luck!

  5. Brooke, so glad you stopped by. Thanks for the BM recommendation. I'll certainly add that to my blue list. XOXO