Friday, September 30, 2011

Paper pretties...

Have you checked out Rifle Paper Co.?

Oh, you haven't? 

Oh, you must.  Simply must.

I saw these the other day and had to check out their website.
I know...a notepad that fab is tough to write on.

 Wouldn't those look amazing with Natalie Jones on them? 
Yeah, I thought so too.

Check these out...

I know, right!?

 Does it get any more lovely?

How about this for a kid's room?
Oh, did you see the personalized notecards with an illistration that looks like you! 
Totally presh...

Oh, and of course, what any great company should have...
Pretty adorable! 
Well, you don't have to leave right now. 
I can keep reading and check them out in a minute.
Oh, alright...whatever. 
Go, go ahead...
Happy Weekend!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Everyday I see more and more projects online that I really want to get to!  I've been using Pinterest (a lot) to keep up with projects that I want to try from blogs that I want to return to. 

Here are a few of my "pins" lately that I hope to get to this fall...

Menswear baby bibs that are
so adorable and would look great on any little man.

Shadowbox keepsake of all of the keys
 where Josh and I have lived together...
it wouldn't be many, but it would be cute!

Baby leg warmers from boot socks! 
These are so adorable and would save some big $$$ on baby gifts!

Framing of vintage hankies in album art frames from Urban Outfitters.
Love this idea. 
I often pick up hankies at antique and vintage stores for $1 or $2. 
It would be really cute to frame one for a bride,
especially if you can find one with her new monogram.

Creating buttons or pins from antique embroidered linens
that may be unusable because of old stains they may have. 
These are so gorgeous and will honor the work that went into creating such a special piece.
the adventures of bluegirlxo

Painted pumpkins...totally adorable and easy! 
These will look great mixed with a few plain pumpkins on the porch.
No carving required!

These are all adorable, inexpensive projects that I plan on trying in the months ahead. 
Wish me luck! 
I'd better put the computer down and start crafting...

Oh, and you can find a lot more of my "pins" here...Southern Grace on Pinterest

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall on the brain...

I can't believe it's the middle of September!  Wow.  The year has not just flown by, it's traveled at super-sonic lightning speed! 

Even though it's still 95 degrees outside, I've got fall dressing on my mind.  I'm ready for jeans, boots, and layers!  I've been saving some fall fashion inspiration photos to help me dress for football games and wine outside by the fire ring...and of course, the office. 

Great color combo!

Perfect layering and awesome wrap.

Perfect low key preppiness...definitely need the striped flats.

Loving the olive green and Burberry plaid!

Obviously I'm going to need to do a little shopping to prepare for the season ahead...and will probably need to buy one of those hand held fans to help cool myself in the 90 degree heat while I'm sporting my new fall scarves.  Gotta love fall in Texas!

XOXO and Happy Weekend!