Thursday, March 4, 2010

He's always there...

Long talk (or blog for that matter). Last weekend Josh and I were in Houston for my best friend's 30th birthday. We celebrated like kings and queens and had a fabulous time until Sunday when we both came home with an awful flu like virus. We visited the doc on Monday to get meds for this virus and I learned that I had a sinus infection too! Wohoo! Happy Monday to us both. My body has not fought this thing off at all and I am on my second round of antibiotics and have spent maybe a total of 8 hours in the office all week. Lovely.

All that being said, our week has been tough. While laying in bed I was daydreaming about blog topics and decided I had to share this experience with you. This is an email from Josh to some of our friends and family about an extraordinary thing that we saw on Tuesday night. I hope my precious husband doesn't mind me sharing this email with you all.

Good Morning All,
I thought I would share this with you. I believe I experienced a truly extraordinary event last night. Lately I have been battling with some stress at work. Natalie has been on me to spend more time in fervent prayer about it; for whatever reason I subconsciously was convinced that I could analyze and solve the situation on my own. I attended a religious seminar with a good friend last night. I had to leave early because Natalie has been very sick and was at home. I had this work topic heavy on my mind throughout the entire seminar, I even made notes on the way home, and spent an hour or so discussing it with Natalie when I got there.
We fed the dogs, turned out the lights and were heading to bed when I glanced at the moon through our front door. It took a second to hit me and I called Nat over to see what I was looking at. We both stood in awe for a bit when it dawned on me to grab a camera, I snapped a few shots, we prayed and I asked Nat what He was trying to tell us. She immediately
replied, "to have faith in Him for He is right here with us always." I ran out of the room to change camera lenses to get a few more pics. The house was black with the lights out, and coming back, moments later, I ran into our entry table and a profane word flew out of my mouth. When i reached the door, just a few moments after I had previously taken the first two pictures the last two pics attached is what we saw, and just like that the cross was gone. There wasn't another cloud in the rest of the entire sky.
He captivated my attention to say the least. When i walked into the office this morning and read my devotional it stated Hebrews 11:6- which states to have Faith in Him! I thought this was too amazing not to share.
Have a great day,

Here are the photos that Josh took of the sideways cross...

And then it was gone...

I think this was a message from Christ that we each needed to see. He is here with us, through the work stressors, daily tasks, lifelong battles, sicknesses, joys and triumphs...along every step of every path. He is there.

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