Wednesday, March 10, 2010


My precious husband gave me the most wonderful Valentine's gift that officially arrived on Friday. Now this gift would only fly with a select handful of women. Most wives would question their husband's sanity, would be totally offended, and would probably banish their husband to the doghouse for a good month. Josh got tears, an enormous hug and kiss, and a totally elated little wife.

Josh bought me cows.

Yeah, that is right...cows, as in the farm animals that "mooooo". However, these are not just your average cow. These are Belted Galloways. What the heck is a Belted Galloway you ask? It's an "Oreo cow" as most people know them. I've been mildly obsessed with them since they were featured on the cover of Texas Monthly a few years ago. I began to pull the car over to see them every time we passed the ranches along the highways in and out of Fredericksburg and Brenham to stare at them. They are nicknamed "Oreo cows" because they resemble the cookie with a very defined white band running around the middle section of their body. They are the most precious, adorable, shaggy, darling things that you have ever seen. I now own 5 of them and have added "Cattle Baron" to my resume. Ha!

We picked up my new bovine babies on Friday afternoon from the J&N Ranch outside of West Point, Texas. I was shocked at how small, docile, and shaggy they were. They made the long trip to Fredericksburg, where the Jones family ranch is. Josh spent the afternoon securing their water, checking fences one last time, and getting them acquainted to their new space. I spent the afternoon feeding them sweet feed, giving them hay, naming them and learning their personalities. Cows have personalities? Oh yes, they do.

Totally happy wife

There is Bernice...the big girl that overpowers everyone. She's named after Bernice Mattise from Hope Floats. It's fitting because she is plump and hysterical. There is Sissy...the bully that pushes everyone out of the way to get food. She's actually named after my grandmother who is the biggest eater I know (between you and me, I'm telling the real "Sissy" that this cow was the prettiest). There is the tiniest one (name pending)...she's so curious and timid until she feels comfortable with you. There's Miss Independent (name pending)...who will come to you when she feels like it. She's happy being away from the group or with the group, but it is whatever she chooses. And finally, there is Gus...he's my bull and the only male of the group. Since they were only born in June, he is still young and a bit shy. He's a southern bull...meaning, he lets the women fight for food and then comes to eat once the ladies are out of the way.

Sissy...continuously eating!

These guys will all grow and get bigger. They'll have the run of the ranch before long and will have acres and acres of grass to graze on. I like to think that they love their new home and are excited about their new parents and the ranch they are now on. In reality...they are looking for grass, hay and sweet feed, I know. But that's ok with me. It really is the little things in life that make me happy. Sitting with my cows is one of them. Mildly obsessed. Can you tell yet?

Friday was a great day for me and the cows...and Josh. He saw just how happy he could make me with 5 very unconventional (and a bit redneck) gifts.

Josh after a hard day of appeasing his wife's "Oreo" obsession

Now, all of this talk about Oreos has me humming the O-R-E-O tune and craving cookies.


  1. Nat and Josh those are the cutest cows I have ever seen! They are perfect for the two of you!
    What a fun life you both deserve.

  2. Nat, I am going to need an explanation of the 32 loads of laundry when we arrive on Wednesday! Can't wait to see y'all!

  3. They are gorgeous! I wish they were at your main house so we could meet them next weekend! I hope you get more rest this week than you expect you will--and that you'll tell us if it's just too much for us to come visit (and that you won't do any prep work for us, seriously!)

  4. H, I wish they were at the house too so that you guys could see them and we could play with them everyday. They are so darling! I can't wait to see you guys on Saturday.

    Mere, 32 loads is what it certainly feels like anyway! See you very soon!