Friday, March 5, 2010

Country air...

Living in the country is a true blessing. There is the crisp, clean air, the silent mornings filled with morning dove coos, the occasional coyote call in the middle of the night, and the incredible peace of knowing you are surrounded only by land, grass, oaks, and God's amazing wildlife. I love living out away from the city and would live even further away from town if it were possible. However, the country does contain a few rotten treasures and furry friends that can make life very interesting. We encountered one of these last night...a skunk. Not the cute Pepe la Pew that we all remember in the cartoons, but a full fledged make you gag, gross skunk. My lab and blue lacy found him for us last night...oh yes, and he found them too. It was horrible!

So, my first recipe on my blog isn't going to be my grandmother's famous cobbler or Mom's to-die-for apple's a recipe for de-skunking your pets. Oh yes.

Time is of the essence if your animals do get sprayed. So, throw on some clothes that you don't mind throwing away, grab a pair of latex gloves, and grab a bucket. You are going to get wet. You will need these ingredients...

In your bucket mix one part baking soda, one part hydrogen peroxide, and some dish soap. Add a little water to your mixture until it starts to fix and bubble. Once everything is mixed apply it directly to the dog. Do not get your animal wet beforehand. You want the mixture to sit on the dog for about 5 minutes to break down the oils of the skunk spray. Be careful not to get this in your eyes or your pets eyes. Rinse the dog after a few minutes and repeat if necessary.

This concoction managed to get Kenzie and Katie clean and de-skunked in minutes and they didn't have to sleep outside because of the stench.

So, as of now, it stands...

Skunk - 1
Jones Family - 0

Watch out, Pepe. We're coming for you.

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