Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring cleaning...

I need to do some BIG time spring cleaning!  After being sick for quite awhile, let's just say that we have a few stacks of junk around here and it's time for it to go. 

I've needed a little motivation and have found a few blogs that have been discussing their spring cleaning, decluttering, and organization techniques.  I decided it would help me if I made a list of what I am going to tackle.  A list always helps.  Actually it's the act of crossing off things on the list that really makes me happy! 

Here's what I've come up with so far.  Now, I'm decluttering in 30 days...I figure that gives me a small goal each day (so that I don't overwhelm myself or set myself up for failure) and by May I'll be looking at a lot less junk. 

Are you doing any Spring cleaning?

Happy Friday, loves!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eloise's special day...

My very good friend, Hannah, recently shared pictures of her daughter's baptism brunch with me. 
Hannah hosted such a beautiful event to celebrate Eloise's big day in her home.  She kept things simple, personal, and still so beautiful.  I had to share these pics with you!

This is such a pretty dessert table.

I LOVE the antique china, buffet setup, and simple florals.

 Pink pom-poms make the table fun and festive.

 Mason jar love!

 She had special monogram cookies made and displayed them on such a beautiful table cloth.

 The soft pink and yellow are so pretty together.

 The precious family...Cameron, Hannah, Presley and Eloise.  Love them!
All photos courtesy of Angelica Rodriguez.

Aren't they adorable!? 

Don't you just want to eat baby Eloise up?!  She's just too cute. 

Such a truly blessed family.  Thanks for sharing with me, Hannah!

Hope you are all having a great week. 


Thursday, March 22, 2012


Happy Friday, Loves!

I had to share a few pictures of our precious new Beltie calf. 

We've named him George after George Washington McClintock, the character that John Wayne plays in the old western McClintock.  If you haven't seen it, just need to! 

Ok, back to the bovine baby...

Isn't he just beautiful? 

He's got the perfect white belt around the center of him.

His mom, Sunshine, is being such a great first time mom.

He has gorgeous long eyelashes. 
Who knew that cows could be so pretty?

George on the run...healthy and strong!

George and Sunshine are loving the springtime air!

I hope you have a great weekend!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Real Thing...

As many of you know I love old things...old trucks, old houses, old movies, etc.  I think a little age increases the 'coolness' factor on almost anything.

My husband knows my passion for old things too. He also knows that I've been eyeing old Coke machines for a little while now.  I have a place on my porch by the pool that is meant for one.  I just think a refreshing bottled coke (or beer) by the pool on a hot summer day couldn't sound any better!

 So, last night he surprised me with this...

It's from 1955!  
It has a rotating top that allows you to pull the bottled cokes out individually.  

 The empty bottles are stored down below. 

 It holds 8oz Cokes and conveniently also holds my favorite beer...
Coronitas (the little Coronas)!

It also keeps them ice cold!

I'm totally in love with my precious husband for loving old things too...Hello, why do you think he married me?!...and in love with my 1955 Coke machine. 

Come on over and let's pop-a-top together!


Thursday, March 8, 2012


Happy Birthday Oreo! 

You are 100!  Wow. 

I really can't imagine my life without your sweet goodness.  You come in so many fabulous forms.

There's you as a cheesecake...

You on a stick...

You in your Easter best...

You ready to party...

I think you are pretty amazing in all of your states. 

But, I especially love you in the mini Oreo cow form! 

That's right... our baby Beltie has arrived!  
He was born on Tuesday, March 6th.  
He's just precious and has a perfect middle filling (white belt around him).  
 Sorry for the crappy camera phone pics.  
That was all that we had yesterday to photograph him.  
Many, many more pics to follow. 
 No name just yet...Oreo does seem to fit him though.  I just don't think I can do the cliche.

I'm off to eat some cookies and celebrate!


Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekend plans...

Well, what do you have planned this weekend?  Romantic night out?  Soccer games?  Day on the couch with a good book?
I'm planning on working on this...

I'm very excited to plant my first garden.  I'm bringing in an expert to help me plan and prepare my harvest mom is headed out in the morning to spend the day helping me figure out exactly what I want to grow, how I plan on growing it and where I am going to put it.  I'm ready to play in the dirt!

I hope you have some good clean (or dirty) fun planned as well!


All photos are from here.