Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Well, are you ready?  Do you have the turkey defrosting?  The potatoes peeled?  The pies baking? 

Yeah, me neither...

I've spent the morning frantically cleaning, trying to find my favorite recipes, searching Pinterest for table setting ideas and checking the online pre Black Friday deals.  Priorities.

Here are a few fun ideas that I've found for Turkey Day...

What are you grateful for?
These free printables from I Heart Nap Time would be great on each place setting at your table.

These will be an excellent reminder of what the day is really all about.

Need an easy and adorable idea for an inexpensive table runner...

This would be really easy to a few yards of burlap, cut them the length of your table, pull the loose strings from the bottom to create the fringed edge, and stencil with the first initial of your last name.  Craft or fabric stores like Hobby Lobby and Joanne's carry burlap.  I've even seen it at Home Depot in the lawn and garden section to be used in flower beds.  Burlap is a definite favorite of mine because it's inexpensive, durable, and easy to use.

 Another way to style burlap...cut as a table runner and tie with a simple burlap string. 

So easy...this would be cute too tied with satin or velvet ribbon. 

We all know that Martha always rocks it. 

 I love the idea of stacking desserts together so that your table isn't a flat, boring, table with desserts scattered all around.  By using cake platters and even small wooden boxes, Martha layers the pies at varying heights to create interest and uniformity.  Smart!  I've also see this with books stacked underneath.

And when it's time to pack up and go and take a piece of Grandma's pecan pie with you...

These are the greatest to-go pie boxes that I've ever seen. 
These would be perfect for the holidays or as a wedding takeaway. 

Oh, and of can you make Thanksgiving 'stretchy' pants stylish...

I'm thinking this look will be comfy, cozy, and step up from pajama jeans at least.

Alright, I'd better get some kind of prep done. 

Perhaps I'll start by chilling the wine...priorities!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Ok, most people would not call me 'trendy'.  I certainly think I have a more classic and simple style. 

Pinterest has definitely inspired me to push beyond my black pant boredom and step out, very slowly, into slightly more updated looks. 

A trend I am trying today is the black dress and tights with brown boots.  A perfect look for fall, I think.  

Gasp...I know.  Black and brown, together?  Who knew?!

Obviously I didn't. 

I found these inspiration photos that led to my fashion exploration today...

All photos are from Pinterest

And now, my attempt (posed so fashionably in my husband's closet)...

Now, the only thing that I have noticed with this have to explain it to others.  My secretary and father both asked if I "knew what I was doing" with my outfit today.  I'm not sure you've accomplished pulling off a trend well when you have to explain to others that it is ok to be warn together. 
Hmm...maybe I'm not meant to be a fashionista. 

Have you tried this trend yet? 

Monday, November 7, 2011

November? Seriously?

Wow...I have no idea how November got here.  I was cruising along in September when I blinked and November arrived. 


Most of October was a big blur.  The main reason being that Josh and I were gone for a major part of it.  We recently returned from the Mayo Clinic in Arizona.  We were there for nine very long days.  The trip was actually really wonderful despite the fact that we were there for medical reasons. 

Here are just a few pics from the trip...

I took a walk on the red dirt outside of Sedona...
to feel the earth's healing 'vortexes'.  It couldn't hurt, right?

We saw 5 rainbows around Sedona's red rock canyons.  Amazing!

Loved the red rock cliffs.

Saguaro Lake outside of Scottsdale

Could not have made it without my #1 him!

More on all of that to come. 

Just know...God is SO good!  SO good!