Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hot, hot, hot!

We're feelin' hot, hot, hot here in Texas.  So hot!  

Today is the 50th day of 100+ degree temperatures.  50th! 

We are doing anything and everything to stay cool.

Last night I convinced Josh that frozen yogurt could actually be our dinner. 

And he actually went for it!
Don't judge.

The heat's getting to us.  It's definitely affecting our decisions.  

We are loosing it!

Please God, send some relief!  Please. 


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to school...

Back to school makes me think of sharpened pencils, organizing my backpack, brand new shoes, and a very nervous stomach.  School was important to me and something that my mom worked very hard to make special and somewhere we actually wanted to attend.  I am SO thankful for that.  I think about all that she did for us each year, like taking us to preview where our classroom would be and to meet our teacher during the summer, to help ease our nerves...what a difference it made!

I've seen lots of darling back to school ideas all over the internet that need to be blogged about...even though Josh and I aren't returning to a classroom this month and don't have a little one that we are trying to get ready for the year ahead.

If you do have a little one headed off to their very first day of school or a Senior that is starting the first day of their final year in school, at home, with you (tear!) , make the day extra special.

Here are a few easy ideas to make the day a little more exciting so that hopefully they'll want to return for the 2nd day...

A sweet love note in their lunch...I used to love getting these and still do!
Downloadable Lunch Notes from Silverbox Creative

Make a regular sandwich a surprise and a lot more really will be the coolest mom. 

PBJ cut with puzzle cookie and easy from Family Fun

Host a 1st day of school dinner complete with back to school decor that can be used in the weeks ahead.

Need a few teacher gifts for the people that are responsible for educating your children for the future? 
They are pretty important!  Love my teacher friends!

Check out these adorable gifts...

Perfect teacher "to-go" cups via Lisa Storm's Blog
And once they return home and the homework begins...wouldn't this make it a lot more fun (maybe not totally comfortable for us adults).

Homework somewhere new via Family Fun

And maybe Momma needs a new little back to school reward herself...

Old Navy...I know, I was surprised too!

Or a little reminder remember that there are some little people that are waiting to be picked up each afternoon. A reminder never hurts!

 Fred Flare
Happy Back to School to you and yours!  Have a great school year and learn something!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Out and about...

Well, it's been quite a ride the past few weeks.  Josh and I are holding on for dear life, but we are making it!

I have been out and about a little lately, trying to stay sane in between medical treatments.  I've found a few really fun things lately that I've been dying to blog about so that you can check them out too.

I love Target.  We all love Target, I know. 

If you don't like Target, we probably aren't friends.  Just kidding, kinda. 

Somehow when I walk in the store, my bank automatically deducts a $100 out of my checking account.  How can you not love a place where you can get trendy sandals, a fun bracelet, laundry detergent, dog bones, and some fun dishes for the summer? 

On a recent Target run I found these...all for under $20.00.

Great gold bangle!

A really fun tortoise shell bracelet...a great transition piece from summer into fall.

I bought this in navy (it's much cuter in person) and added a few gold bangles that I already had. 
Really fun. I've gotten so many compliments on it.  $12.99.  Seriously.  
After I had accessorized myself, I decided to dress up our table with a few fun plates for casual dinners outside.  Check out these melamine plates, perfect for outdoor dining, for only $2.50 a plate.  They have so many fun patterns to bring together.  I had to grab a few in a navy Ikat pattern for this summer.

Lastly, I grabbed this top from Target's Calypso Collection.  It's cute with white or tan capri pants and a little heel. 

I love Calypso St. Barth, but certainly can't always afford Calypso...unless the sale stuff is on sale!  Target's joined the Calypso to create a collection for the regular gals!  This collection impressed me because the materials and colors they used really are quality pieces that are perfect for summer. However, I have learned that not all of the Target's got this collection.  Booo!  I can't wait to see what else comes out.  I sincerely hope they keep partnering.

You can see why the auto debit from the bank account happens when I walk through the glass sliding doors, right?

Have a great weekend, loves!