Friday, May 28, 2010

Fawn love...

I've been eagerly waiting for these summertime days to begin. They are my absolute favorite!

The fawns are here!

At the end of May and early part of June, the hill country whitetail deer begin to have their babies. Precious little fawns with their wobbly legs and little white spots begin showing up in the tall grasses. Twins are commonly seen following behind their momma, cautiously watching as they try to mimic her moves.

This morning I saw two new babies on my drive to work. It knew it would be an awesome day! I had to pull over and text Josh to tell him that the fawn season had started. Whether he was in a meeting or not, I knew he would be dying to know (not really, but he humors me when I get excited like this).

We saw these precious little ones outside of Bandera. They were so sweet and innocent. It was all I could do not to try to go out there and pick one up and love on it.

I know better...and Josh told me 'no'.

This time of year makes me think of God's amazing glory and how He created all of this for our eyes to see.

We just need to make sure that we are taking the time to look.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Up close and personal...

People often ask if my Belties ("Oreo cows") are really as friendly as I make them sound. After all, they are cows. I always reply with a resounding "YES" and then go on and on about my cows and they pretend to actually care. It's a pretty common thing these days.

On a recent trip to the ranch my 5 babies saw our truck pull in and a short girl stumble out and begin hollering. They came running! All 5 made their way to me, eagerly looking to see what their Momma had brought them. Would it be sweet feed? Hay? Cubes? An iced pretzel from the German bakery in town? They are curious little suckers...and were ready for their treat. Timid and shy, they are most certainly not.

While feeding them with one hand and trying to snap a few photos with the other, you can see just how friendly these guys really are.

So, you be the judge...

"What did you bring us?"

"Watch out, Mom...I'm hungry."

"What else ya' got?"

It's a face only a momma can love.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Birthday morning...

It's here...31. Happy birthday to me (sigh).

One of the best things about this day is my breakfast in bed served by my darling husband. This man really loves me and knows me. He forfeited the eggs and toast. He knew pancakes would mean nothing on this day. He didn't even consider bacon or sausage. He went for the only birthday breakfast that would make 31 truly start off right.

That's right...on your birthday you can have cake for breakfast!

So I did...

Lemon layer cake with buttercream frosting...a present on a plate if you ask me.

After this sweet start, things are looking a little more sunny! Bring on 31.

Happy Birthday to me!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

He thinks he's so clever...

It's birthday week! A single 24 hours is just not enough time to celebrate MY I try to stretch it, extend it, prolong it for a full week. My husband graciously accommodates this. I think this is mainly because if I get one then he gets one too. The official day is tomorrow, May 19th, when I will turn...ahhem (sigh)...well, I'll be...31. That's right...31.

Accepting 31 is a little tough for me because it officially means I am actually IN my 30's. Turning 30 last year was a little rough, but it was a month after I married my darling husband, my friends were there to help me celebrate and cloud my memories of the day with a wine tour, and it was unavoidable. I've embraced 30. It took a little time, but I am comfortable with it now and am loving this 30 year old's life.

However, 31 is a little more difficult to face. First of all, where in the world did the past year go? It was only yesterday when I was just stumbling off of a wine tour with a boa around my neck with a very stylish light up button that flashed 30 over and over! An entire year has flown by and another birthday is here!?! Jeez, I sound so old...

Thankfully my YOUNGER husband is supportive of my aging.

Oh he's not.

Last night to kick off birthday week he told me I had a surprise! Eager and excited I waited as he brought it to me. There was a candle in a big pink cookie, one of my guilty/cheap/terrible-for-you food pleasures, and a card. I love cards. I love the sentiment that is inside of them. I love the time it takes for someone to thoughtfully pick it out specifically for you. I love the inscriptions that always make me cry.

I did not love this card.

But I did have to laugh at it.

He got me...pretty good too, I might add.

His personal message inside read...

"Thirty came so quickly and left so swiftly.
My deepest sorrow for the loss of your youth.
My prayers are with you in this difficult time."

And it was signed...

"Love, Your Husband...still in the twenties."

You have to laugh because it IS funny and lighthearted. But, you also have to make note of this, just as any woman would do. Payback is going to be so sweet!

Too bad I have to wait a few more years.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sneak peek!

For the past week and a half, life has been chaotic to say the least.

We've had old friends in town for a funeral, new friends over to visit, contractors in and out of the house working, delivery people delivering, family in town for a long overdue visit, birthdays and Mother's Day to celebrate, AND a hospital visit, quail drop-off, and gala to attend. Just another normal week of Jones chaos. You gotta love it!

In the midst of this whirlwind, the laundry/craft room remake is in the final stages of being complete!

Here's a sneak peek of it's fabulousness (via my iPhone)...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's hip to be square...

The laundry/craft room remake is really making headway. Praise the Lord! I won't say that there haven't been times of complete frustration, fatigue, and questioning Josh on why we decided to paint the cabinets ourselves (stupid, stupid, stupid!), but it is almost there. We are in the homestretch...we can see the light at the end of the tunnel...we can see life and our house returning to normal soon. Hopefully before I have a complete meltdown.

With cabinets in, doors installed, the first coat of paint on, and granite ordered, we should be able to use the room in a week or so. Thank goodness!! We've made so many decisions in the room about layout, design, selection of cabinets, wall color, cabinet color, trim design, granite color, etc. However, the remaining question all along has been about what to do with the floor. Right now it is just painted concrete. What adds some pizazz to the concrete is the large black and white checkerboard pattern that has been painted on it. It's fun, adds some individuality to the room, and it's been relatively functional. However, it looks unfinished. In a room that is almost finished, this has caused us some concern.

Currently the floors look like this...

I like the LARGE checkerboard pattern and would like to keep that look, but I would like to do it with tile. I believe it will look a little more polished and will cover the obvious flaws that exist on the concrete slab.

I've found a few inspiration photos to help me visualize the look. While they are helpful, none of these show a large checkerboard pattern. I want to take 4 of the 13"x13" black tiles and join them together to create a large black square and 4 of the 13"x13" white tiles and join them together to make the white square, repeating this pattern over and over to make the checkerboard. Make sense?

You'll have to use your imagination, but I know you can picture it with me...

House and Home Canada

Forgive me but I can't remember where I found this guy...

Or this one...

Better Homes and Garden Magazine

So, here we stand...literally on our decision. Which move do you think we should make?

Get it...checkerboard...move...pretty good, right?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Splish splash...

With the thermometer rising, Josh and I were recently daydreaming of what we wish we had in order to cool off...a pool! Nothing fancy and over the top, just something to jump into and cool off with after a long day of yard work, barn building or painting (all things we seem to be doing quite often). However, the 2010 budget doesn't have a pool built into it. The 2010 budget leaves room for maybe a big bucket, possibly a blowup pool or a used horse trough...definitely not a pool.

So, when I found this I knew it might be right up our alley...a little exposed plumbing, a metal bucket, and country gotta love it!

Country Home