Thursday, April 1, 2010

A little spring at our step...

Jazzing up the front porch is something that I enjoy...after all, my mom has emphasized that the first impression is everything. This is the one chance to wow people from the beginning...and keep them from noticing that the floors aren't clean. So, I try to keep it as jazzy as possible throughout the year. With winter coming to a close and the 2 weeks of spring before a blazing hot summer arriving, I decided it was time to make a change.

The front door has looked like this for the past few holly berries mixed into a weaving foundation of dried grapevine and Christmas tree sprigs. I have no idea what the actual names are for this type of greenery...which would allow you to assume that is all fake too. It's been fun and festive and a great deterrent from guests noticing the floors.

Before...the wintry mix

The front sconces draped with grapevine and spruce garland

Goodbye holly berries...see you next December.

I so wish I could say that I came up with this great idea to decorate our threshold with grapevines and florals, but the truth is that the interior designer that owned the house before us had it all jazzed up while they showed the place. It was one of the first things that I noticed before walking into the house and I loved it. So, keeping it was essential. Christmas decorating was so much fun and such an easy way to add a little red and green in the non-traditional sense. I've really been looking forward to changing things up for Spring.

After a quick trip to Hobby Lobby, Mom and I were ready to begin the spring transformation. We chose 4 different types on spring flowers, primarily focusing on those that would bring some yellow and pink color to the front and those that were on sale (always an essential).

Since the flowers are sold in large sections connected together, we snipped them apart with wire cutters in order to spread them out over the top of the doorway.

More bang for your buck in my opinion.

Yellow and white flowers (not sure what kind...just pretty).

Some pinks thrown in to bring a little punch to the arrangement.

We stripped away all of the red hollies, spruce sprigs, and any of the remaining wintry assortment and added in a little more greenery to bring things to life.

Katie loved watching us work...I think she was hoping that one of the flower arrangements we brought home had some bacon in it. No such luck.

We focused our color into the center of the doorway and added the yellow and white flowers around the top. These floral sprigs were so easy to add...just shove'em into the grapevine. None of the flowers are actually tacked down or secured. The grapevine is secured to the door frame with small nails and green floral wire. It can easily be adjusted or removed if needed.

After adding in our greenery and yellow and white flowers we wanted to put the pink flowers into the most 'powerful' and noticeable places for an added pop of color.

Kenzie liked the pink flowers the best. She did a great job of protecting the sconce greenery that we would be using later from squirrels that might want to kidnap it. Such a good guard dog.

After a few adjustments to make sure things were balanced...ta da!

Our springtime doorway!

Now, we couldn't quit here...the sconces had to be updated too.

For the sconces, I removed the Christmasy spruce garland and left the dried grapevine as the base layer. I chose an olive leaf looking garland (it came in one long 5ft. section). I draped it over the top of the sconce and secured it to the grapevine with the green floral wire (just so that it wouldn't blow around in the wind).

The final product!

The threshold is officially updated and decorated to add a little Spring to your step when you enter our place. It's a fun, cheap, easy and festive way to keep you from noticing the floors.

All of this work isn't nearly as exhausting as Kenzie makes it out to be...she can be such a drama queen.

What have you done to add a little pizazz to your place for the Spring?

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