Monday, March 15, 2010

A groggy Monday...

Oh the time change! This is might be one of my least favorite days of the year. It's the Monday following the spring equinox. This is always the day that I feel exhausted, no matter how hard I tried to go to sleep early the night before. Everyone in our family is feeling it this morning.

Katie, our Blue Lacy, showed it the most yesterday...

Although the time change is a tad frustrating and tiresome, the spring life that is popping up around us is amazing. We went to the ranch on Friday to check on the cows. The Fredericksburg peach trees are blooming and the peach orchard was full of beautiful pink blossoms.

Truly gorgeous.

This weekend was all about enjoying the sunshine and working hard on our spring 'to do' list. It went a little like this...

Friday: Wake up to a day off (thank you, Lord!); sit and enjoy my cup of coffee and check my favorite blogs; start laundry load #4 of the week; make to do list; check on new concrete slabs being poured for dog kennel and work shed; travel around town picking tile, paint and tin for the laundry/craft room; finally order new couch and chair for living room; meet hubby and father-in-law for lunch to celebrate the weekend and couch decision; pack cooler and supplies for evening; travel to Fredericksburg to visit and feed the Belted Galloways; laugh hysterically at my cow's personalities; hit Hondo's in Fredericksburg for dinner with friends; travel back home and discuss how tired and blessed we are; crash into bed.

Loving hay

Saturday: Wake to a gorgeous Saturday morning outside; watch/assist Josh with digging new waterline to dog kennel; make Home Depot run for waterline supplies and storage supplies to empty laundry and craft room; start laundry load #8 of the week; watch Josh finish digging waterline and blow the 1 billion leaves that are falling around the house away from the house with the new industrial leaf blower that he had to have; become impressed by my husband's backhoe operating skills; run in and switch over laundry load #15; spray weeds around house and make note to one day hire lawn company when we hit the lottery; sit on outside lawn furniture, recharge with Coronas, and muster up enough energy to complete chores; prepare for the friend coming in that night, friends coming in Wednesday night and friends coming in next weekend; have small meltdown due to fatigue; regroup and sit in hammock; come up with an easy dinner and wait for friend to arrive; ponder how we end up with so much laundry; drink beer by the fire pit outside and enjoy friend's stories; crash into bed at midnight remembering the time change; try to figure out what time the sun will rise with the new time change and set alarm for an hour prior to that; worry that alarm isn't set correctly; give up and cuss profusely about time change.

Hard working man enjoying a few minutes of rest

Sunday: Listen to Josh drag himself out of bed before daylight; Josh and friend head to hunt for black buck and fallow; pull covers back over my head and cuss the equinox; drag myself from bed to get up and get moving; realize that there is no way we'll be able to make it to church due to the morning's schedule; find Dr. Charles Stanley on tv...listen and pray; start laundry load #28; dress and head to the nursing home to visit grandparents; miss the CBC Sunday message and feel guilty that we didn't plan better for the morning; Josh returns and finishes covering waterline, moving rocks, and hauling off brush; come home and look at empty refrigerator; make note that grocery shopping has to happen on Monday or we'll be eating Rotel and corn for dinner; laugh at the "Goose" (a.k.a. Katie) rocking in her chair; crash for a Sunday mini-nap; listen to Josh complain that he can't take naps; await friend's arrival to hook up outside stereo speakers; clean floors; start laundry load #32; look in empty refrigerator again; make list of blog topics; make list of to do lists to make; scrounge for dinner; pray for strength to get through the week; pour wine to help make dinner more interesting; finish laundry load #32; look at time and realize we need to be sleeping because tomorrow will be horrible; take sleeping pills; edit photos for blog; crash into bed; pray for friends and family and us; cuss at how bad the morning is going to be.

The Goose

Oh what fun! Just a typical Jones weekend involving heavy equipment, construction, travel, late bedtimes, early mornings, prayer, to do lists, wine, friends, family and sunshine. Whew! After writing this, maybe this fatigue has nothing to do with the time change after all!

Happy Monday!

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