Thursday, February 25, 2010

Drop your drawers here...

Josh and I moved a few months ago into a new place.

Our new house has some amazing features in it. It's the perfect blend of us...a little country with white rock and wood floors, a little girly with a couple of chandeliers in the kitchen and bathroom, and a lot manly with big flagstone floors and exposed beam ceilings. We moved in at the end of October, during the beginning of hunting season (i.e. when the world stops turning and life revolves around a 5am wake up call and lots and lots of freezing mornings). So, from October until February (the end of hunting season and the return to civilization occurs) very little progress has been made. However, the time has come and I am eager to finally get things more settled.

The first major remake to the house to make it more 'ours' and less 'just a house' is the laundry room. It's an odd place to start, but also a very critical area. We bought the house from a great interior designer. She used the laundry room as her workspace. It is a BIG room. She had open exposed cabinets without cabinet doors in the room that allowed her to store and access her swatch books, samples, etc. For me, this does not work. I do NOT want to see my crap...I mean crafts. I want things hidden away and for you to only see the perfectly staged things that are cute and fun to look at. The room is currently a bright lime green (I know...while lime green is fun, it just isn't me or the color that I want to use to create a calm working space). The concrete floors are painted with an oversize black and white checkerboard pattern. There is the cute "drop your drawers here" decal on one of the walls in the room. Right now the room is fun and playful and MESSY. You need to see it to really grasp what I am describing.

This is the part where it pains me to post a picture of the room right now. It truly is a visual mess because you can see everything. But alright, here it is...don't judge.

Ok, I feel like I just took a math test or something. As you can see, there was NO staging in these photos. Now that that is over with, we can proceed.

This room will need to function in a number of ways...1. to handle our huge amounts of laundry 2. to store necessary supplies such as vacuums, brooms, mops, etc. 3. to be an office/craft room and my gift wrap central. Since I am mildly obsessed with gift wrapping, this is finally my time to create the space that I have always dreamed about.

Here are the inspiration rooms that I will be using to transform the space...

Stay tuned to see how this transformation progresses. We are just in the beginning and obviously have a long way to go, but it is exciting to be able to visualize a space evolving and changing. What remake did you do to make a new place your own?


  1. The inspiration rooms are making me drool! I can't wait to see the transformation.
    We've done some painting and hung curtains and I'm satisfied enough with the inside of my house (for now). When money allows, I really want to tackle the backyard.

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