Thursday, September 9, 2010

Trying to Fall...

The blogs that I read are all showing their latest fall finds...inspiration for what to wear on crisp days, warm ways to add a harvest feel to your table, and yummy recipes for whipping up something that involves some cinnamon to put you in the fall mood.

While so lovely and so fun to see...I just really can't relate.

Last week we had our fall coolfront and it dropped all the way down into the 90's. Downright chilly!

So, here are my ways of incorporating some fall for us Texans...

Rickshaw Design

A perfect bag for fall...great with boots and has the ability to hold a
big water bottle for the continuous 90 degree days.

Southern Accents

I love these rich fall colors for a bedroom,
but in Texas you should probably remove the folded comforters at the end of the bed...
just too hot for your feet at night.
And make sure the air is set at 70 degrees if you want to keep the light quilt on the bed.

Rover Dog

Pug in a navy trench...a lightweight trench will basically carry you through January here!
Good investment, Pug.

Martha Stewart Pumpkins

A pretty take on your traditional pumpkins.


You in a'll probably need to go naked underneath to stay cool enough.
But I love the look especially with dark jeans.

Williams-Sonoma Pumpkin & Maple Leaf Whoopie Pies

These whoopie pies scream fall...and after awhile scream yoga pants
rather than dark skinny jeans. So addicting. Just keep that in mind.

Anthropologie Martingale Boots

Anthro's fall boots with a bow...enough said.

Happy start of fall to you all!

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  1. LOVE the first bag! where is that from??