Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pug love...

We have two new additions, of the four legged kind, at our house...Cedric and Rose.

Cedric and Rose are my pugs from a previous life. They have been living with my mom for the past few years but have recently needed to relocate. Cedric's life had become too stressful in the city so he and Rose decided to pack up and move to the country. Retirement has finally come and they are ready for a slower lifestyle...more porch time, squirrel chasing, and naps...lots of naps.

Meet Cedric...aka "The Wonder Pug!"

He received this name after costing me thousands of dollars in vet bills for his amazing ability to open doors and get into trash containers...requiring some stomach surgery...and baby proof/dog proof latches on everything.

Cedric's very focused and serious face...

Typical Wednesday night...kicking it, butt in the air, with a bone.

Meet precious little girl and Cedric's full time shadow.


Showing off one of her many talents.

Not her most slimming angle. Don't judge.

Going from a 2 dog house to a 4 dog house has taken some coordination, some patience, and some sweeping...lots of pug and lab hair.

The pugs are now on a strict diet and are eager to get out and roam the countryside with their sisters. However, their sisters are struggling a little bit with the transition. They aren't quite sure why we had to go and ruin a good thing by adding more babies to the house. Katie is especially hurt and annoyed. She's coming around though. Slowly but surely.

She maintains this face right now...I think she's praying that they leave.

"Please, God, take these aliens away. Amen."

Josh and I are outnumbered right now. We have taken to a zone defense with this crew.

Pray for us.


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  1. Katie Girl knows deep down that she is still #1!