Thursday, September 16, 2010

Things of old...

There's something about aged, vintage, imperfect treasures from the past that makes my heart skip a beat.

There's something about the history, the purpose for which they were made, and the idea that they can be made new or used again that I love.

I just like OLD stuff.

Barn House

I continue to decorate our home with pieces from the past. I'm constantly on the search for something that tells a story. I enjoy when people want to know what the huge demijohn by the fireplace was used for or where I found the old beat up Czechoslovakian hutch that now makes up our bar. It adds character and interest. Shiny and new has it's place...but it can just be so boring at times.

Lately I've been ooohing and ahhhing over the design trends that are incorporating pieces from the past.

Grain sacks are making an appearance everywhere.

Buckets and baskets are being found and used in all types of rooms...

Red Ticking Mussels Basket
1st Dibs French Steel Basket

The tables and work benches that were once used for function are highly sought after for their perfect patina.
1st Dibs Primitive Table

Nest Egg (I think)

I believe each room should have an older piece, something with history, anchoring it and giving it interest. I love this cottage outside of Abilene that was featured on Cote De Texas' blog recently.

And the industrial look of the pieces adds such a cool element to any space.

(source unknown...maybe Nest Egg)

What can I say, I like things old and a little weathered (this is where my good guy friends or precious, younger husband would probably insert a joke about my age in proportion to theirs...go ahead boys).

I'll take the things from the past...the pieces with character and charm. I'm just hoping that as I age my patina just gets better and better (wink).


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