Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Baby love...

This past weekend we helped co-host a baby shower for some great friends of ours. Macee and Kris are about to have their first baby! She'll be arriving very soon.

Macee and Kris

I was in charge of shower favors and created popcorn bags for each guest to take home. Each bag had a tag that said, "Macee is about to POP!"

Now, just to be clear, I approved this statement with the mom-to-be BEFORE creating the bags. Personally, I didn't like the image of my friend popping or exploding in any way. I like her. I like her even more in one piece. However, Macee was cool with it and cuteness won out, so popcorn bags were created.

They were the easiest party favors that I have created so far. I bought 'gourmet' popcorn (is that an oxymoron?) from a local store in town. It was vanilla flavored and quite delish. I scooped a cup and a half into each bag, of course eating each piece that just so happened to fall out of the bag and into my hand, and tied the tops with ribbons in the colors of the shower and the baby's new pink and green. I printed each of the tags on white cardstock, punched them out with a circle punch tool from Michael's, and holepunched the top of each tag so that ribbon could be used to tie them to the bags.

They started like this...

And quickly evolved into these...

Quite cute in my opinion!

I threw half of the bags into a big enamel bucket that I had bought at Homegoods awhile back.

The rest of them went into a black and white bucket that I've had for awhile.

These both made for a great display and easy transport.

We had a great time celebrating with our friends on Sunday. We are so excited to meet their new addition!

Now for the final photo of the party, it's just funny and so typical of my cute husband...

There are so many comments that I want to write about this, but I'll leave it alone. You can make up your own in your head. Remember that show My Two Dads? Ok, ok...leaving it alone.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. And look how their hands are almost making a heart on her belly!

    Cute favors, Nat! Darling! More pics of the decor?

  2. Thanks Natalie! The shower was so amazing and the favors were too cute.

  3. Such cute favors!!! I'll have to keep that one in mind if I host a baby shower.

  4. Thanks ladies! I'll post some more pics very soon.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it, Macee! We loved hosting it and can't wait to hold your precious little girl.

  5. Very cute! I will have to see a picture of the nursery with the fabulous elephant they got from the JA Auction! Right?

  6. Such cute favors!! Might have to steal that idea sometime soon! Love your blog, fun ideas!