Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bows and Bibles...

Thursday night has become a really special night at our house. Josh and his good friend Dusty have started a Thursday night men's group that meets to shoot bows, talk hunting and life, and study the bible. Josh has always wanted to be part of something bigger than himself and to serve Christ any way that he can. He loves to help others, teach others, and enjoy the simple things in life with friends. This group is a reflection of that desire.

Dusty and Josh invested a lot of time in preparation for their first meeting with the guys. It was really important to Josh that everyone felt welcome, was able to come out and have a great time no matter their skill level or desire to hunt, and that everyone felt that this group allows you an open invitation to bring your problems, sins, desires, dreams, questions, etc. without any judgment.

Dusty and Josh have also invested a lot of sweat equity in getting a full 3-D archery range set up on the back of our property. Yep, there are LIFE-SIVE moose, caribou, elk, turkey, whitetail deer, and cheetah targets on our back 4 acres. Oh The moose is about 8 feet tall. I can only imagine what our neighbors think. I am pretty sure this puts us in a whole new level of country bumpkins.

They've named the group Gen 27:3. This verse provides their foundation...

Gen 27:3 "Take your bow and a quiver full of arrows, and go out into the open country to hunt some wild game for me."

See ladies, hunting is biblical. Now, it doesn't say anything about leaving your wives for long periods of time from November to January, but it does encourage bringing you some wild game. Aren't you excited!? Look at it this way, it'll give you and excuse to try out a new venison recipe.

Last Thursday was their first meeting and Josh says it was a huge success (no girls allowed, so I chose to stay inside and watch flashback 80's movies...16 Candles!). Nine guys came out the first night and there were a handful more that had intended to come but were tied up at work or with family that are going to try to make it this week. Huge success in my opinion! Josh said the guys enjoyed shooting at the 3-D range, although most had never even picked up a bow, but their main excitement came from their time sitting around getting to know one and other and sharing their histories. Awesome.

The one thing that has really excited me about this study is that Josh and Dusty have contributed an entire library of men's books all for the taking. There are books about men's relationships with Christ, their role in a family, how to develop leadership skills, and all sorts of devotionals for men and couples.

I actually want to read all of them!!

This one is supposed to be great for dad's with little girls.

I can't wait to hear about and see what God blesses this group with. The fellowship and camaraderie alone is huge! I'm so thrilled for the success of the group already and will be praying for the development of these men each Thursday night. If you have a guy in the San Antonio area that is searching for a group and believe this might be for him, contact me!

If you feel like shooting at an 8 foot moose, I can hook you up. (Sigh)

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  1. The bible study is so wonderful and I am so happy and blessed that Korbin got to experience it in the start. Hopefully he can go to more in december! He really loved it and we were both really excited to get to spend time with ya'll. We are looking forward to doing a devotional together that we got from the "library". We love ya'll so much and are so appreciative for everything ya'll have done for us.
    Love you,