Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Use it or lose it...

I had big plans for a piece that I bought about a year ago.  When I saw it I fell in love and knew the piece had to come home with me. 

Standing tall and solid and looking very rugged and masculine was the ultimate nuts and bolts sorter.  It was tucked away in a small antiques store in Bulverde and was an amazing price.  It came out of an old warehouse/factory and was used to sort screws, washers, nuts, bolts and other mechanical parts.  I was immediately drawn to it because it was used for a purpose, had great patina (age) on it, and had lots and lots of math scribbled on the side of it in pencil from the factory.  You can't get anymore authentic or cool.  Perfect.

As I brought it home I knew exactly where it was going to go.  I immediately thought of the craft room that I had seen on houzz months before and loved.  Inspiration was going to come to life!


My new piece would fit right into my craft/laundry room.  Although I don't exactly sew, I knew it could be filled with fabric pieces used for projects, ribbons, and embellishments.

Josh shook his head.  I was going to disgrace the piece he said, only half joking.  Men would weep to see their functional nuts and bolts sorter with ribbons hanging from it. Oh man's nut sorter is another woman's ribbon holder.  Use it or lose it, guys!

I just had to get Josh to hang it for me along the big blank wall in the middle of the room.  No problem.

It was going to be perfect. 

It was going to be darling. 

It was going to be the piece that organized my chaos and brought a rustic touch to a pretty feminine and crafty room. 

It was going to be fabulous. 

You were going to ooohh and ahhhh over it. 

And so the story sat.  For a looonngg time.   

Life got a little in the way and hanging it got delayed.  I got distracted and moved on to the next project.  Don't judge. 

Hanging and organizing would happen.  Just not today.  Maybe next weekend. 

And then it happened...during my naptime time of meditation and reflection, Josh had an idea. And being a man, he acted on it. 

Yep, it's now filled with bullets.

No, not bullet holes. Josh didn't go crazy and shoot it for sitting there for so long.

It's actually filled with bullets.

And my precious fabric chic and rustic ribbon sorter...that was going to be now sitting filled with metal bullets and shotgun shells and being used again for function and purpose only. 

Somewhere I have to think that the old warehouse/factory workers would get a kick out of this and thank the Lord that there isn't a single darling piece of ribbon hanging from it. 

Use it or lose it, girls. 


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  1. Haha! Now you have to go find a new piece for the room... think bigger and better!

    Love Ya, H