Monday, September 10, 2012

DVR set? Check!

It's Monday, September 10th, and I am excited. 

Why on earth am I excited about a Monday? 

Well, the latest premieres are starting.  Hello.

Josh and I aren't too caught up in a number of tv shows, thankfully, but we do have one that will have our full attention this season...The Voice!  My DVR is set and ready to record each second so that we don't miss a single beat of it. 

Why are we so excited!?  Well, we were fans last season and became hooked.  Oh and yeah...I happen to know one of the contestants.  No, it's not my hairdresser's cousin's neighbor's's my real cousin.  And she is a badass!  Suzanna Choffel is a mega talented singer and songwriter.  She's a Texas girl...Austin born and raised.  Her music gets you moving.  Her voice is smoky cool...sultry, sexy, and fun. 

The rhythm's gonna get you.  Be prepared.

You can find her here or here.
So, here's what we know...she auditioned for The Voice and is able to share that with everyone now.  She's AMAZING so I'm betting she makes it and a massive fight breaks out as the 4 judges fight over her.  I'm just hoping that during the fight Adam Levine happens to lose his shirt.  Just saying. 

Ok, I digress...we know she received an email from NBC saying that her blind audition will actually air next Monday, Sept. 17th.  So, she'll be on next week, but we've seen clips of her in the promos. 

Here's a pic of her blind audition...obviously Ceelo is loving it and thanking God for the voice he's hearing!

Ok, you've been warned and prepped.  Go set your DVR now.  You aren't going to want to miss this. 
Happy Monday!

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  1. Nat, I can't believe how many ladies in the blogosphere are talking about The Voice! I am beginning to think I'm missing something here. Plus, since you have family on there... I might have to tune in.
    Hugs, Mere