Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Escaping...Part II

Ok, back to our escape to Virginia. 

A few more tourist photos...

Here I am at the World War II Memorial. 
My grandfather fought in WWII so this was special to see.
As you can see, I immediately went to the Texas memorial.
Cory and Magen, our gracious hosts and tour guides...
and introducers to the train game that we fell in love with. 

Josh winning the train game...because "he's a winner!"
Ok, onto the shopping photos that I just had to take while touring. 
The antiques and decor items in the area were pretty fab.  It made me a little sad that everything in the area was approximately 30% cheaper than the Texas equivalent.  But, the area is just older with way more history and cool stuff.  Thank God I didn't have a UHaul...really. 
Josh was VERY thankful for this.  VERY.
These pieces were all found in the Lucketts Design House at the Old Lucketts Store.  The design house was gorgeous.  Perfectly decorated with new and old pieces.  It's open once a month and everything is for sale. 
The Design House is on the same property where Miss Mustard Seed features her milk paint line inside the Old Lucketts Store
Um, yes...of course I purchased some milk paint.  Can't wait to try it out!
Ok, onto the shopping pics...
I loved this gray armoire that was featured in the hall of the Design House

The Design House Mudroom
Armoire that Josh loved and would have been perfect in our home.

We also hit a few old barns along the way to Lucketts that were fab. 
They were filled with old and new pieces that should have come home with us. 
I loved these numbered locker shelves.
This old card catalog from a library had been converted into a great entertainment piece. 

The trip was SO much fun and a perfect escape!
We loved getting to hang with Cory and Magen and tour our nation's capital. 
It could have been a much more expensive escape had a UHaul been available.  I did bring back an old seltzer bottle which TSA at the airport really appreciated...ok not really appreciated...but it made it home in one piece after a small body search.  I'm not sure why the TSA patted Josh down when I was holding the seltzer bottle, but whatever.  We made it through. 
Alright, back to reality and Texas. 
You're welcome for the cooler weather...be brought it back with us.  
No furniture...just weather.  It'll have to do.

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  1. Loved having y'all come up here!! And please tell my dear brother-in-law that HE'S A WINNER!!! :)