Monday, October 1, 2012


Do you ever just look at your house and hate everything?  Hate the lights...the furniture...the paint color...everything? 

You just want to host a massive garage sale and get rid of it all and start over, but then you realize what a waste that would be.  And how much effort that would take.  And how much you hate planning garage sales. 

And so you log on to Pinterest and just pin away.  Pinning is free and fast and you can design all of the perfect details without the real hassle of actually designing the details.

Welcome to my life.  I go through these highs and lows quite often...and end up pinning a lot. 

But, I will say that pinning has been enlightening.  I can actually see the pattern of what I am loving and wanting.  Pinterest is like my very own design therapist.  Without the leather couch and hourly rate (thank God!). 

These are a few of my fav pins lately...

Pinned here.
Pinned here.
Pinned here.
Pinned here.
Alright, feeling a little better now...and like the living room might be exactly where I need to start.  The whole house isn't looking so bad now.  But, this room needs to change. 
I'm already feeling a little more like I've done something, designed something, come up with an amazing plan for down the road.  All with a few clicks. 
Thank you, Pinterest.  My sweet design therapist.  You are so wise. 

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