Friday, July 9, 2010

Reality check...

Yesterday I went to Banana Republic after work searching for something new, something fun, something unique...a white cardigan.

I'm wild like that, I know.

I've been in search of work clothes that can get me through this summer heat. I haven't been able to find a thing lately. I've lost hope. I thought at least the cardigan could be thrown over a few sleeveless dresses in my closet to make them a little more work appropriate. I've justified this in my head.

I entered the shiny Banana store, began strolling around their pretty wood floors hearing every single one of my steps (How can floors make you feel fat? These did.), and began picturing my closet filled with their perfect wooden hangers and beautiful clothes. I immediately began grabbing their newest cardigans, the fun new skirts, a couple of ruffle tops, and even some skinny pants just for a laugh. I tried on an enormous pile of their latest stuff.

Nothing of interest worked. Just a single $79 white cardigan.

There I stood in the dressing room's horrendous lighting looking at my washed out face very frustrated, sad, and guilty (for picking so many items that the salesgirl would have to restock) . I did find what I had come for, the most boring purchase in the world. I bought it and walked out already feeling the buyer's remorse beginning to rise up inside of me. I had overpaid for something that was so bland out of shear frustration. A $79 white cardigan. Ugh.

Disappointed with myself I headed to the car. At some point my body turned and I ended up in the world of plastic models, terrible music, and total sensory overload...Old Navy. Why not look? Maybe I'd find a tank top to wear under the stupid cardigan (sigh).

That's when I started to realize how similar things actually were to where I had just been. Not the floor and music or pretty wooden hangers but the actual clothes. The colors were a little different and sometimes the tops lacked as many shiny buttons or delicate ruffles but there were a number of things that were nearly the same as BR. Including my dull cardigan. There it's twin was lying on the oversized steel table, in a messy fold from being handled by the masses and only half way replaced by the staff. However, there was something different from my buyer's remorse cardi; this near twin was a mere $20.00 and free of guilt.

It didn't have the silk lining down the buttons that no one sees, and it wasn't quite as light as the one I had just regrettably bought...but it was a very close match. All except the price. Feeling even more disappointed that I had caved just a little while ago, I grabbed the cardi and headed off to see what other things I could find that were near copies of what I had just tried on a few doors down.

Check this out...
Banana Republic White Cardigan $79.95

Old Navy's White Cardigan
On sale this week for $20

Interesting, huh? They are so similar, but the Old Navy top is 75% less than the Banana one.

How about this one?

Banana Republic's Flutter Sleeve Eyelet Top ($69.50);
On sale this week for $34.99Old Navy's Eyelet Flutter Sleeve Top
On sale this week for $11.97

The eyelet detailing is missing from the bottom of the Old Navy top, but who cares? Eyelet detailing probably won't even be in next year.

Or this one?

The colors are different, I know...and the detailing isn't quite the same. But, you could get the same look for less than half the price!

Banana Republic's Ruffled V-Neck $69.50

Old Navy's Tie Neck Ruffle Top $22.50

The Banana top below is made of silk, which is lovely. But, the Old Navy top is lightweight and would work better for the summertime heat.

Banana Republic's Silk Ruffle Bib Tank $69.50

Old Navy's Lightweight Ruffled Top $22.50

After purchasing my new tops and emerging from the store, I felt a sense of redemption. I would not cave...I would return! Return the $79 piece of frustration.

I can now hold my head high as I wear my Old Navy white cardigan.

Not, that high though...I am still wearing a white cardigan, I know.

(Old Navy did not endorse this post or have anything to do with it. They have not paid me or even offered to send me an additional discount coupon. I still love Banana and will, of course, still shop there. But if they'll lower their prices down to match Old Navy's, I'll be happy to post these great things about them too.)

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  1. I know! I love BR but only manage to buy things on major sale or at the outlet, when they do cost as much as Old Navy! Let me know when you want to make a getaway to San Marcos and shop guilt free!