Friday, April 16, 2010

Real progress

The laundry room remake is moving along! All of a sudden everything is beginning to take shape...finally.

To update you, I chose Silvermist by Sherwin Williams as the paint color for the walls. I love the way it looks. It's a soft blue with a bit of a grey undertone to it. I got 3/4 of the walls painted when the carpenters moved in, literally. It's interesting to wake up in the morning to have all sorts of men in your home. It's not nearly as juicy as it sounds, ladies.

You'll be able to tell where these short, drumstick legs were able to reach (even on a ladder) and where they could not. The pictures below do not show the color very well. Using the flash on the camera the blue looks a lot brighter. It's much more calming in person.

I would post photographs from the painting progress, but I'll save your eyes from the capri yoga pants with socks and slippers look. It's hot, just trust me.

The cabinet guys started last Friday. They've worked a total of 6 days and almost have it all completed. I must say, this is a great group of guys and they have done an exceptional job...far exceeding my expectations. If you ever need new cabinets, let me know...I've got the hookup.

Here's the progress so far...remember everything is unpainted right now and none of the doors or drawer fronts have been installed. Those should all be here in the next week or so.

The center island...holding 4 laundry hampers.
It's on casters so that I can roll it around!

On the wall where you walk in we have our lovely scratch-and-dent washer and dryer.
We've definitely gotten our money's worth out of these suckers.
Hopefully we'll be upgrading soon...
there's been an ink incident that may cause us to do this sooner rather than later.

Standing in front of the washer, looking at the opposite wall,
are the new cabinets that will soon feature a gift wrapping station.

Josh thinks it is a complete waste of space (and it probably is), but it is something that I have always wanted (geeky, I know). Remember...none of the cabinet doors have been installed.

Can you see where the old cabinets were? Yeah, the lime green and Silvermist give the room a really interesting look right now.

Standing in the same position, looking over the island...
you'll see the middle section of the cabinets.
There are 2 trash bins built in and 2 canisters built in for dog food.

You don't understand how critical this is with Katie...she's able to open doors, open ice chests, open trash cans, open combo locks...ok, not really, but close.

Check out the paint job in the upper left corner of this!
Wish you couldn't see that so clearly.

This big cabinet will have cabinet door fronts and 2 hanging bars on the lower and upper sections of the left-hand side. This is for all of the delicate things that need to be dried. Finally, we won't have things hanging in our bathroom, on the door frames, and occasionally on the mantle.

Don't judge.

The right-hand side of the tall cabinet will also have a cabinet door and will house brooms, mops, vacuums and other devices that I hate using.

We are working on countertops as we speak...trying to decide what kind of granite we want to have installed. I'm trying to choose between Uba Tuba, Black Pearl, and Absolute Black. Or, as Josh, black, and black. Any suggestions?

The ceiling and floor decisions are still up the air. More on that to come.

Right now we are heading into the weekend with some obvious painting to do, lots of dust and wood scraps all over our home, and loads and loads of backed up laundry. Fun times but totally worth it in the end.

Happy Friday!

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