Thursday, April 8, 2010

Neighborly love

We really love our new place. It's quiet, beautiful, and out of the city lights and fast pace. With seven acres, a fence, and a gate, it makes it difficult to meet your neighbors and really get to know those living around you. Each house is far enough apart that it would take a lot of effort (and a little trespassing) to casually pop in to say hello.

I'm not going to lie, this appeals to us. We like our privacy at times and enjoy the peace and quiet (do I sound like I am 75 here!?!). Jeez.

Lately two of our neighbors have been quite nosy and forward. They've been stalking our fenceline and it seems like they wait until we get home to come over and chat each afternoon. Sometimes they'll start hollering if we pretend to not acknowledge them. They are friendly but can suddenly become snobbish and will point their nose in the air and storm off. It's the oddest thing. I never know if I have said something to offend them!? Or have bad breath!?

Katie isn't liking all of this either. She's become obsessed with tracking their every move and alerting us when they are stalking around again. She can spend hours staring at them...moving only when they move, sleeping only when they sleep.

Now, I've been raised knowing the importance of proper manners. Polite pleasantries are important...but everyday chats? Seriously? What about the privacy?

We've finally reached a breaking point with our oh-so-neighborly spies. They've gone through our trash! Josh discovered the two stalkers looking over a set of plans that he had drawn up and discarded for a new barn he's building. When confronted they did the weirdest of all things...they ate the evidence in front of us, totally denying that they had taken the trash! Holy moly!

I snapped photos of this for evidence. After the confrontation, they just stormed off, noses in the air again.

I don't want us turning into a Law & Order story one day and no one being able to figure out that the spies next door were in on it. What do we do? Call the police? Put up a bigger privacy fence?

Our evidence...

Eating the plans! Unbelievable.

I'm pretty sure the one on the right is the mastermind behind their stalking.

Katie and the neighbor each keeping an eye on each other.

Sometimes they are out there for hours...just waiting for us.
Thank God for our watchdog!

Nose in the air snobbery!

After asking about the trash incident...they just gave us the evil eye!

Save this photo...if we do come up missing, tell them to look for this guy!

Happy Friday, friends!

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