Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Redneck pool...

Remember this image that I posted back in May as a possible alternative to the pool that we are craving? It was in this post Splish Splash.

Country Home

Well, I couldn't get it out of my mind and Josh couldn't get the pool out of his. Since 2010 isn't going to be our year of hitting the lottery, we decided $120 in galvanized pipe, fittings, and a water hose could fit into our budget.

So we made outdoor shower...and it is awesome!

In the time it took to drink the Dos Equis in the top of the photo, we had an outdoor shower ready to be mounted onto a wall. Here's what we did...

We gathered our supplies. It took 2 runs to Home Depot when it was all said and done, but we were ready. We needed galvanized pipe, a few couplings to join them together, reducers to make the shower head and water hose fit the pipe, plumbers tape, a few tools, a rain shower head, a hose, an on and off valve, and a beer. Not too bad.

I drank the beer and Josh started twisting things together one by one.
It reminded me of fitting Legos together.

He used his manly strength to get everything tight.

At each bend or place where we added an elbow joint or coupling,
we wrapped the pipe in plumbers tape to get a better seal before screwing them together.

More manly twisting.
We were each really good at our specific role.
Josh got it all built and the beer was finished.
Good job!

When it was all connected together, we took it out to connect it to the water hose that ran from the house. A little more tightening at the base was needed to fix a leak at that seal.

With a few rock screws and some braces, it was mounted in a matter of minutes.

A single twist of the handle and it was on!

Cool, refreshing rain pouring down!

So fun!

We tried it out immediately after sweating in the sun while hooking it up.
It felt amazing!

For $120 we found a way to cool off in our backyard without a pool. I love the industrial look of it all and the practicality of it too (Katie and Kenzie, line are getting baths).

I tried to get Josh to sit in a bucket for my final picture to get the real Country Home look that I had seen. He wouldn't go for it.

Sorry girls, I tried.


  1. It looks great! Fits in just perfect with the exterior of the house. You may just start a trend amongst all your neighbors (or at least the ones that get sweaty working outside.) I totally would have gone for one of these!

  2. ha as I was reading all about the making of the shower not really understanding any of it because I can't put anything together I was thinking, "I wonder if the bottom picture is going to be one of them in a bucket"...sadly disappointed haha. That looks so awesome and I am so impressed! Can't wait to come see it! Love you- CJ