Thursday, August 5, 2010

iPhone shopping...

My trusty little iPhone has been my saving grace so many times. It allows me to answer work emails quickly and efficiently while waiting at the doctor's office. I can search for directions to wherever I'm headed and see exactly where I got lost when I realize my blue dot is no longer on the purple line. I take notes on it constantly...what I need at the grocery store, measurements of a wall that I am trying to find a furniture piece for, great books that are recommended to me, ideas for an upcoming birthday, etc. I was never an Apple supporter or believer until I found the iPhone. Thank you, Steve Jobs.

Lately I have been using it more and more for home decorating. It's such a handy gadget to pull out in order to snap a quick photo of a furniture piece, piece of fabric, art print or inspiration piece to go home and really think over. I try not to be a spontaneous purchaser and this allows me time to think about something and later go back and look at it when I am out of the shop and out of the impulsive moment. Plus, Josh and I have a pretty good agreement about only purchasing important home pieces together. This allows me to take him the image of a piece that I am considering...instead of dragging him to the store only to hear him say, "You really like that?" Been there, done that.

Lately, I've captured these images...

A cool beat up storage cabinet that one salesperson said was original...I needed to think about it. It would be a big purchase.
When I called the store back to find out more about it
I realized it could be ordered at anytime making it much
less appealing since it wasn't a unique piece.
Cool looking piece just not what I had in mind.
Thank you, iPhone.

A floral/feather piece that a store had priced at $250.
Were they smoking crack when they labeled it?

Having a photo of it lead me to this though...

I made 2 of these with $40 worth of supplies from Hobby Lobby.
Thank you, iPhone.

A cool wine barrel chandelier that I found in an antique store majorly discounted.
It reminded me of this...

An inspiration photo that I had kept while thinking about how to decorate my dining room.
While holding a pic of the chandelier and dining room image up in the actual room,
I realized I was trying to add too many large pieces to one room.
Thank you, iPhone.

An original whiskey barrel that an antique store had made into a chair.
I knew Josh would love it for his whiskey parlor.
He saw the photo...voted yes...and we picked it up that weekend.
He thanks you, iPhone.

A lamp that I thought looked so cool in the store...not so cool on the phone.
We both voted no.
Thank you, iPhone.

A chandelier that I found that reminded me so much of a Horchow chandelier that I liked.

Horchow Chandelier

Yep, very similar. Still thinking about this one.

A cool lamp that I had to be very sneaky about photographing.
It got a thumbs down from Josh. Boo.

A hutch that I am considering for our living room to put TV components in...

Josh doesn't love it, but he is willing to go with me to see it in person.
Thank you, iPhone.

We'll see what happens on this one.
I'm hoping I don't get a, "Are you sure you really like that?"
It's too soon to tell.

My iPhone has actually saved me a lot of time and $$ if I really think about it. It allows me to look back at what I was considering and really decide if I like it (rather than just trying to remember what things looked like in my head later when I'm trying to describe it or purchasing something right then to take home and see if it will work in the room and then have to find time to return it).

I'm sure Steve Jobs never intended this little black gadget to be used for decorating and marriage preservation...but then again he's Steve Jobs, maybe he did.


  1. Fun post. I don't have a camera on my phone--but I can't imagine giving up my crackberry! :) I usually just fall in love with something and then fortunately it wanes by the time I would ever get back to go and look at it again. See, I spend less money that way!

  2. I'm considering getting the iphone but my practical side investigated the monthly plan charges and found them to be higher than my current t-mobile rates. This post may have just tipped the scale in the other direction!
    Very cute, Nat.


  3. You are officially hired as my master bedroom decorator. Then you can do your iPhone shopping guilt free since you won't be spending your own money!