Thursday, August 5, 2010


Today people seldom sit down to write letters. Some of us still hold on to the tradition of sending an occasional thank you note or greeting card, but a letter with an actual stamp, written just to say hello and correspond with someone about life, is seldom the means of communication that we choose to use. Now it is all about email, wall posts, and text messages. Short and to the point. Letters have become a thing of the past...even the post office is downsizing because of the lack of letters that are being sent.

I remember writing letters to friends and family as a child and how much I loved it. I am sure this is when my paper and stationery obsession began. I remember practicing my handwriting with the Big Chief tablets. I remember loving it when they finally taught us how to write in cursive. Yes, total geek...I know.

Recently my dad brought me a copy of a letter that I had sent my grandparents as a child. He found it in a box of old photos and memories. I had to share.

If you know me, you can imagine me writing this at about 8 years old or so...I was probably sitting on my ivory daybed with gold trim, side ponytail with a scrunchy in the hair, with some kind of matching neon outfit or awesome koolot on. You can picture it if you grew up in the 80's.

I like the 1985 stationery...the use of pigs and hearts. They are images that just don't get enough credit these days. I'm drawn to the peachy/brown and orange color palette. It's just not utilized the way it once was in design. Cranes should think about a new line incorporating these ideas.

Most of all, I love the dramatic tone in my writing. Poor me. Crying for 10 minutes...driven up a wall! Where's the justice? Didn't my parents recognize this. Obviously Mikey was too busy selling an old pizza store.


Drama queen at 8? Yeah, maybe. My poor parents.

Maybe now I'm understanding why I love correspondence so much...perhaps it is the communicative release to my personal pain.

Please tell me you can sense the sarcasm? Hee hee.


  1. Haha even though I read it yesterday while we were on the phone I needed to revisit it just to remind myself of a sweeter time and to have a laugh. I love the image of you writing on the bed in an awesome outfit,I can totally picture it... cause as we know my mom always dressed me from the previous decade. Love you so much and thanks for sharing!XOXO

  2. this is courtney by the way

  3. I love stationary and can barely contain myself from ordering a ton. But I do love the letter. My personal best were the letters I wrote to my third grade boyfriend that I found many years later. What serious lovebirds we were for that summer!

  4. It must have been hard to adjust to stationary after being acustomed to chizeling into rock slabs?!?! :)

    Just kidding, love the blog, I check it out all the time, and that letter is awesome. I can totally picture you sitting there writing that with such frustration thinking about how much your brother sucked.

    Hope to see you guys soon!

  5. Courtney, so glad it made you laugh! I laughed so hard at it too.

    Katie, yes stationary is a terrible obsession of mine too. I bet your third grade boyfriend wishes he could relive that summer all over again. :)

    KB, I'm not that old. In my days I used Papyrus. The Egyptians gave it to me. Carrying around the rock slabs just got to be too tough. So glad you like the blog. It's a great way to laugh at myself publicly. Totally hope we get to see y'all soon! We are both on the mend and getting well, I promise!