Thursday, August 23, 2012

In the kitchen...

Yesterday I spent the morning in the kitchen whipping up some goodness for our darling friends that just brought their newborn baby home.  I had found a few delicious recipes online that I had been wanting to try and this was the perfect excuse. 

Let's start with what is the most important...dessert. 

Let me introduce you to peanut butter graham cracker balls...chocolately-peanut buttery goodness.  Pure sin.  So easy to do and a definite hit around here...Josh and I did a little bit of quality control in order to make sure these were 'safe' to give away.  Safety first, people.

Peanut butter graham cracker balls from Baby Gizmo
These are rolled in toffee bits... pure AWESOME.
Since I do understand that people eat more than just dessert (umm, why?!?), I did whip up some Southwest Chopped Chicken Salad from Greens and Chocolate.  This is so yummy and easy to do. 
I made a few modifications with mine based on the supplies that I had. 
The original recipe is here.
My changes:
Added 1 red bell pepper
Omitted the cilantro (yuck!)
Substituted mixed field greens and baby spinach instead of ice berg lettuce
Used Miracle Whip instead of mayonnaise
Used Hidden Valley Ranch's Fiesta Ranch instead of taco seasoning and ranch seasoning
These are two EASY and delicious recipes that I will definitely be making again and can't wait to deliver to our friends today.

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  1. And it was AWESOME! Everything was super delicious and we so appreciated the chance to get to catch up a bit. We love you, sweet friend!