Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Too hot!

It's so hot!  I mean ridiculous. 

When the weather forecast calls for 100+ degrees each day it's hard to be excited about spending any time outside. 

Unfortunately we all get too restless when we spend too much time inside...especially the four dogs!  So, when we do go out it's interesting to see what happens. 

I recently decided I would do a little early morning reading outside on the lounge chairs before it was too hot.  When I got up to go grab some water, it was already 95 by 9am, I returned to find that the crew had made themselves comfy under the beach umbrella...taking in the shade.  All 4 of them. 

Ever the athlete, Cedric, loves the pool.  When the temp spikes you know where to find him.

He uses it to cool down after a hard workout chasing the neighbors dog up and down the fenceline.

It's a hard life around here.

And for the actual humans that live here...
life's not too bad when this is the view you get to take in after a hot afternoon. 

I hope you are staying cool, loves!


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