Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dad's day...

Father's Day is coming up and we are all preparing around here.  Kenzie and Katie got their baths and Cedric and Rose go to the groomers on Friday so that they'll look spiffy for Josh's day. 

What?  Well, yeah we celebrate Father's Day for Josh. 

Ummmm...yes, I know they are just dogs.

There are all sorts of dads in this world.  Josh just happens to be a dad to dogs, turkeys, and cows.  He's pretty awesome at it too.  The girls have saved their money and have bought him a pretty great Father's Day gift.  They always spoil him.  It's a bit ridiculous, I agree.

For those celebrating dads of daughters or sons, I found some really fun free printables from Poppytalk that you should certainly check out.  The best thing about it is that they are downloadable and you can do them at home.  So fun!


Happy Wednesday!

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