Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ranch recap...

Returning from a week of vacation was tough.  I know I will get no sympathy here. 

I guess I can get relaxed really fast! 

Being back and catching up was actually really exhausting and I think my body wasn't sure what to do with stress, laundry, and a long to-do list again.  I struggled and had to slow things down a little bit this past weekend because of some pain in my legs.  Thankfully things have leveled out...the pain has subsided and the laundry pile is slowly dwindling.

Here's a little recap from the ranch that I promised to share...

My Belties entertained me a lot during the day.

 I watched the swim team practice each afternoon.

I loved on Gracie, my little miracle calf.

We watched the wild axis.

Each morning, during my quiet time, I would watch the girls grazing in the field.

I enjoyed the morning sunrise over the barns.

The girls LOVED their time spent fishing with their daddy.

I caught a pretty nice bass. 
Most evenings were spent fishing with a beer in hand. 
Pretty wonderful!

We did a lot of jeep cruising! 

...and cruising in Blueberry, our 1954 Chevy pickup.

And the reason for it all...time together!  Time to celebrate 3 incredible years together!

I'd give anything to go back and do it all again for another week...and another week...and another week.  Like I said, I can get used to relaxing.  I think it's one of my natural talents.


Nat & Josh

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