Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We're home!

Yep, back to reality.  A week at the ranch did wonders for my body, mind and soul.  Coming home was necessary and it felt great to be in my own bed Sunday night, but it's all very bitter sweet.

I have lots and lots to blog about from the ranch, but I need to focus on the necessities first...laundry, groceries, catching up on blogs, checking email, Pinterest, watching the episodes of The Voice we recorded.  Priorities.

Oh, and let's be honest...the order of the list above is really reversed if you want to know the truth.  Don't judge. 

I did return to find a few packages waiting for me!

The Tiny Prints stationary I had ordered a couple of weeks ago arrived. Love them.

These little gems were waiting from Sweet Auburn Studio on Etsy...
 Nice legal pad pic, right?  
They really are prettier in person.  This is just a cell phone pic.

I harvested these lovely berries from my garden on Sunday...

Lots and lots more to report.  I just had to check in and let you know that we are alive and slowly will return to the daily grind soon. 


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