Monday, February 14, 2011

Will you be mine?

My husband is not a fan of today.  And honestly, between you and me, I don't blame him.  I believe there is too much pressure on guys to make this one day a year 'special'.  

In reality, everyday should be a day that you express love to the one that you love.  

For me it's the day to day stuff that says I love you and it doesn't have to be a big production...just a simple note, text message, cup of coffee, kind word, or kiss on the forehead makes me incredibly happy.  Luckily I have found an amazing man that does/shows all of these things.  Mushy, I know...

However, I can't lie...the chocolates, brownies, candies, cookies, and flowers are definitely a perk on this #1 Hallmark card selling day.  It's not like I would turn them down or anything...let's be real!

Any of these little treats would certainly say I love you...


But, I'm not expecting them.  

In fact, just the cup of coffee would be perfect for this Valentine's morning.  

Ok, ok maybe in one of these would make it just a little more special...

All of this sweetness had to be shared on this very sweet day...but, it really doesn't get any sweeter than this.

Pug...with a heart!  I know.  I'm in love too.

Happy Valentine's my loves!


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  1. I Love You Babe, In spite of the fact that you're a pug-a-rony girl!

    Be My Valentine?