Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Staying afloat...

It's been a little rough lately.  I'll be honest. 

This neurological flare up that my body decided to have in November has really started taking it's toll.  I'm just sick of it in so many more ways than one. 

We've seen multiple doctors, tried multiple drugs, and have slowed our lives waaaaaayyy down.  Yet all of the pain, numbness, and problems still continue.  It's kicking my butt. 

And I'm starting to feel a little low.  I keep praying that God will give us some answers, that He'll guide us and direct us, that He'll take the pain away, that He'll show me what to do, what to say, who to ask...and here I stand deflated, defeated and tired. 

 I saw this the other day and it hit me and then made me smile. 

I know this illness is my puddle right now.  I do know that God has control, that He is guiding me, directing me, listening to me, and taking me through the puddle.

And, I know that without Him I would drown.  The puddle would feel like the ocean and I wouldn't survive.  That's the time when I remember to stop, THANK Him, and keep swimming.  As hard as that may seem on days when getting out of my robe seems to be all that I can handle, I know in my heart that He has it all under control and I am to praise Him and cling to Him a little tighter.

Thank you, Lord, for keeping me afloat right now.  This puddle seems so big and scary, but I know that You are bigger and stronger.  I cling to you right now and ask for your protection and guidance. 


  1. I am so sorry that you have yet to feel some relief and get better answers. Still praying for you!

  2. I will continue to pray for you, Nat.

  3. Thank you, my sweet friends! I appreciate the prayers so much. Love you!