Wednesday, November 17, 2010


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Remember using "not" after you sarcastically said something!? 
Ah yes, I grew up in the 90's. 

It has just been one of "those" days...if something could go wrong, it has! And it's only 12:30pm!

I love these days!  NOT. 

It's on these days that I have to stop and THANK God for all of the little teeny-tiny problems that I have that sometimes overwhelm me.  They are so tiny in comparison to so many in the world.  Sometimes He gives me these days to refocus and see the good even when all I want to focus on is the bad, insignificant details. 

Today I had to stop and thank Him...

Today I thanked God for giving me a house to sleep in...that isn't clean and made me sigh as I had to step over piles of laundry before letting the dogs out this morning.

I thanked Him for giving me a good bill of health for over 4 years now...when my disease decided to show it's ugly head this week with some wonderfully fun symptoms.

I thanked Him for giving me a husband that sincerely loves the Lord and wants to serve Him...that has 3 bible studies a week right we have little time for each other and see each other around 10 pm as we are falling into bed exhausted.

I thanked Him for 4 dogs...that I seriously could have given away this morning because of their mischevious and bad behavior.

I thanked Him for the land that we own...that is filled with the dirt that covered my work pants after 4 dogs lovingly had to brush against and jump on before trying to leave for work.

I thanked Him for clothes to wear...since I had to change from all of the mud.

I thanked him for food to eat...and the mess that was left when the food spilled all over my 2nd pair of pants while getting into the car.

I thanked Him for a car to drive and job to go to...even though I was late due to traffic being terrible this morning.

I thanked Him for loving me and forgiving me...since I am so selfish at times and forget that my purpose is to glorify Him in all of the big and tiny things in my life.

I thanked Him for today and tomorrow...more time and another day to work on improving my life for His purpose.  Thank you, Lord, for the time!

Now it's not looking all so bad.  He just needed me to readjust my mindset and look at things a little differently.  Thankfully He keeps forgiving and giving me a new chance to start all over again. 


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