Friday, November 12, 2010

It's approaching.  No matter how much I want to ignore that it'll be here before long, it'll be here...Christmas.  I love this holiday and up my anxiety meds because of it. 

I've been beginning to think about possibly considering making a list of thoughts of gifts for people...I really have to work myself up to get rolling.  Procrastination really is one of my talents.  I won't start really panicking until I see the stuff from New Year's already on the shelves...then I know it's time to focus. 

However, I have been following Edie's Life in Grace blog for a little while now and have really enjoyed her 12 days of Handmade Christmas.  It's helped get me motivated.  There are some really cute ideas.  I highly recommend checking it out.  Now, don't be overwhelmed by Darby's from Fly Through Our Window's tutorial of making a picnic blanket...that is totally NOT for beginners like me.  But, I might check out the dishtowels and the cinnamon honey butter toffee recipe...YUM!

Do let me know if you try any of these out...don't let me know if you have already completed your shopping. 

Are you planning on making any of your Christmas gifts this year?

Happy Friday!

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  1. Since we do Christmas with three different families, we absolutely have to make some gifts. When it comes to aunts and uncles and even some distant cousins, we usually get some goodies in Fredericksburg like local wines, jams and jellies, and especially the pecan honey butter. At least we know they will use it and it goes great with homemade candies.