Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rocky would be proud...

This may be the upset of the year!

Against all odds, the lean, mean, cleanin' machine, has done it. It has succeeded in knocking out the stains in Josh's jeans!

So many doubted (including me), so many were scared of physical damage to the LG (mainly me), and so many truly couldn't believe I was blogging about this (especially Josh). Ha!

Your winner...The LG Washer!!!

Thank you, LG. Thank you.

A shocking knockout! I can't believe it either, but 90% of the mud, dirt, and grime stains are gone! This LG has proven it's fighting ability. I really thought this pair was a gonner.

Impressive, I must say. I'm off to hug my LG.

Don't tell Josh's jeans.

1 comment:

  1. ok so just needed to read the next blog haha. great success you should be very proud.~Courtney