Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Drumroll please...

The laundry room is finished and it is FABULOUS! I am incredibly happy with the way it all turned out. It's a beautiful room and very functional. I LOVE walking into it each day.

I actually enjoy doing laundry now...don't tell Josh.

To remind you where we started
(remember, don't judge...obviously none of these photos were staged or 'prettied' up)...


Everything was exposed.
I didn't enjoy seeing all of my cleaning supplies, who does?

The lime green walls were fun but weren't for me.
A change was needed.

We didn't have enough storage for dirty clothes.
They were left out in the middle of the room for everyone to see.

The previous owner, an interior designer, used these open shelves
to store all of her swatch and sample books.

They worked for her but didn't work for me.
I didn't want to see my crap...I mean crafts.

After many weeks of painting, prepping, sanding, building, more painting, and lots of sweat, the big reveal is ready...



The "Silvermist" paint is perfect for the room. It's calming and peaceful.
It has a hint of gray making it a more mature blue...rather than a baby blue.

We chose a Sherwin Williams white that wasn't too bright.
I wanted it to lean more towards ivory than white.
The black granite counter tops are in Absolute Black.

New cabinets were installed over the new LG washer and dryer (which are amazing, by the way). The cabinets have more than enough storage for all of my laundry and cleaning supplies, and all of the little extras.

The center island, which is on casters, sits in front of the washer and dryer and is able to be moved in all directions around the room.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the center island.

It really is the best feature in the room and one that Rick, our wonderful cabinet guy, and I created together in order to get the most storage available.

There are 2 laundry hampers on EACH side. Ohhhhh, ahhhhhh!

4 Hampers...Totally hidden...In a usable, rolling island...Fabulous!

They are already full, of course (sigh).

I hang a lot of clothes up to dry because I don't want them shrinking,
and I want to try to minimize as much ironing as possible.
These big hanging spaces on the top and bottom allow me to hang my shirts to air dry.
I can leave them open to let air circulate or close them up when people are around.

No more hanging bras on all the door handles in the house to dry out. I know, classy.

The wrapping station...

It really is fun.
Each of the drawers pulls out and stores rolls and rolls
of wrapping paper, tissue, gift bags, and ribbons.

Expect fabulous packages this year for Christmas.
I doubt there will be anything unbelievable inside of them because of the cost of all of this,
but they will look darn pretty.

These pullout drawers hold 2 containers of trash and 2 dog food bins.
No more ugly industrial containers with locks on them to keep the 'goose' out.

Dog food...no need to ooh and ahh here.

Katie (aka "goose") has figured out exactly where her food is.
Thank the Lord she doesn't have thumbs or
she would figure out how to use the pullout handles.

She'll often stand there with her nose smashed up against the door.
Intelligent looking...I think not.

Last but not least is my desk area with file drawers on the
left side and supply drawers on the right.
If you look closely, there is one piece of hardware missing
from the drawer on the right side.
It's coming.

I couldn't delay a reveal due to a small handle.

Accessories, art, a decision about the painted concrete floor and a new desk chair will soon come once we find exactly what we are looking for. In the meantime, we are eating peanut butter and jelly while we save up our pennies again for the next project. We have been so blessed in our home. This one went extremely well looking back on it now. I could have done without the dust and ALL of the painting, but couldn't have done it without my amazingly handy and patient husband who did so much of the work and encouraged me to keep my eye on the prize when I just wanted to burn the paintbrushes.

I now LOVE the space that I sometimes dread using.

It does make washing, folding, and filing a lot more fun. Shhhh...


  1. It looks amazing! You should submit it to all those fabulous websites you love. But then everyone will steal your "laundry island" idea in a heartbeat!

  2. It is wonderful down to every last detail. What a great space!!