Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Up close and personal...

People often ask if my Belties ("Oreo cows") are really as friendly as I make them sound. After all, they are cows. I always reply with a resounding "YES" and then go on and on about my cows and they pretend to actually care. It's a pretty common thing these days.

On a recent trip to the ranch my 5 babies saw our truck pull in and a short girl stumble out and begin hollering. They came running! All 5 made their way to me, eagerly looking to see what their Momma had brought them. Would it be sweet feed? Hay? Cubes? An iced pretzel from the German bakery in town? They are curious little suckers...and were ready for their treat. Timid and shy, they are most certainly not.

While feeding them with one hand and trying to snap a few photos with the other, you can see just how friendly these guys really are.

So, you be the judge...

"What did you bring us?"

"Watch out, Mom...I'm hungry."

"What else ya' got?"

It's a face only a momma can love.

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