Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's hip to be square...

The laundry/craft room remake is really making headway. Praise the Lord! I won't say that there haven't been times of complete frustration, fatigue, and questioning Josh on why we decided to paint the cabinets ourselves (stupid, stupid, stupid!), but it is almost there. We are in the homestretch...we can see the light at the end of the tunnel...we can see life and our house returning to normal soon. Hopefully before I have a complete meltdown.

With cabinets in, doors installed, the first coat of paint on, and granite ordered, we should be able to use the room in a week or so. Thank goodness!! We've made so many decisions in the room about layout, design, selection of cabinets, wall color, cabinet color, trim design, granite color, etc. However, the remaining question all along has been about what to do with the floor. Right now it is just painted concrete. What adds some pizazz to the concrete is the large black and white checkerboard pattern that has been painted on it. It's fun, adds some individuality to the room, and it's been relatively functional. However, it looks unfinished. In a room that is almost finished, this has caused us some concern.

Currently the floors look like this...

I like the LARGE checkerboard pattern and would like to keep that look, but I would like to do it with tile. I believe it will look a little more polished and will cover the obvious flaws that exist on the concrete slab.

I've found a few inspiration photos to help me visualize the look. While they are helpful, none of these show a large checkerboard pattern. I want to take 4 of the 13"x13" black tiles and join them together to create a large black square and 4 of the 13"x13" white tiles and join them together to make the white square, repeating this pattern over and over to make the checkerboard. Make sense?

You'll have to use your imagination, but I know you can picture it with me...

House and Home Canada

Forgive me but I can't remember where I found this guy...

Or this one...

Better Homes and Garden Magazine

So, here we stand...literally on our decision. Which move do you think we should make?

Get it...checkerboard...move...pretty good, right?

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  1. So exciting! It's coming together great! I can't wait to see how it looks with the painted cabinets and the granite!