Tuesday, May 18, 2010

He thinks he's so clever...

It's birthday week! A single 24 hours is just not enough time to celebrate MY birthday...so I try to stretch it, extend it, prolong it for a full week. My husband graciously accommodates this. I think this is mainly because if I get one then he gets one too. The official day is tomorrow, May 19th, when I will turn...ahhem (sigh)...well, I'll be...31. That's right...31.

Accepting 31 is a little tough for me because it officially means I am actually IN my 30's. Turning 30 last year was a little rough, but it was a month after I married my darling husband, my friends were there to help me celebrate and cloud my memories of the day with a wine tour, and it was unavoidable. I've embraced 30. It took a little time, but I am comfortable with it now and am loving this 30 year old's life.

However, 31 is a little more difficult to face. First of all, where in the world did the past year go? It was only yesterday when I was just stumbling off of a wine tour with a boa around my neck with a very stylish light up button that flashed 30 over and over! An entire year has flown by and another birthday is here!?! Jeez, I sound so old...

Thankfully my YOUNGER husband is supportive of my aging.

Oh wait...no he's not.

Last night to kick off birthday week he told me I had a surprise! Eager and excited I waited as he brought it to me. There was a candle in a big pink cookie, one of my guilty/cheap/terrible-for-you food pleasures, and a card. I love cards. I love the sentiment that is inside of them. I love the time it takes for someone to thoughtfully pick it out specifically for you. I love the inscriptions that always make me cry.

I did not love this card.

But I did have to laugh at it.

He got me...pretty good too, I might add.

His personal message inside read...

"Thirty came so quickly and left so swiftly.
My deepest sorrow for the loss of your youth.
My prayers are with you in this difficult time."

And it was signed...

"Love, Your Husband...still in the twenties."

You have to laugh because it IS funny and lighthearted. But, you also have to make note of this, just as any woman would do. Payback is going to be so sweet!

Too bad I have to wait a few more years.

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