Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nursery thoughts...

Just to keep you updated...

The crib is still in the box.  The taunting continues.  I laugh now when I walk by.  But, designing and playing with thoughts for the nursery still continue. 

A little preview of the little man's room as it comes together...

Fabric and rug swatches
A little larger view of the Dash & Albert rug

A new book for the little man

Vintage painting I found for the room
As you can see, we are doing a whale theme. Just kidding.  I know a dog theme certainly is apparent, but I'm trying to stay way from the 'themey' feeling, because that is certainly not me.  I'm hoping that as things evolve you'll see the dog accents along with a really cozy, comfortable room emerge.  Stay tuned. 

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