Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Real Thing...

As many of you know I love old things...old trucks, old houses, old movies, etc.  I think a little age increases the 'coolness' factor on almost anything.

My husband knows my passion for old things too. He also knows that I've been eyeing old Coke machines for a little while now.  I have a place on my porch by the pool that is meant for one.  I just think a refreshing bottled coke (or beer) by the pool on a hot summer day couldn't sound any better!

 So, last night he surprised me with this...

It's from 1955!  
It has a rotating top that allows you to pull the bottled cokes out individually.  

 The empty bottles are stored down below. 

 It holds 8oz Cokes and conveniently also holds my favorite beer...
Coronitas (the little Coronas)!

It also keeps them ice cold!

I'm totally in love with my precious husband for loving old things too...Hello, why do you think he married me?!...and in love with my 1955 Coke machine. 

Come on over and let's pop-a-top together!



  1. That's so fun! I love Coronitas too. Can't wait to be invited to your pool this summer! Hint, Hint!

  2. Awesome, Nat! How perfect pool side?!
    - Mere