Wednesday, January 25, 2012


So, have you Birchboxed yet?

No! Really? 

Well, I've been Birchboxing for about a year now.  No, it's not a hot new fitness trend.  And no, you won't need gloves.

Birchbox is a company that was started a little over a year ago to provide subscribers with beauty samples from companies all over the world.  Each month, as a subscriber, you pay $10.00 to receive a Birchbox that is shipped in the mail to you filled with goodies that have been selected specifically for you based on a beauty profile that you have completed. 

I've been a subscriber for a little less than a year now and eagerly await my box's arrival in the mail around the 10th of each month.  It's contains a variety of samples, normally between 5 and 7 samples each month, that vary from hair serums, to facial moisturizers, to perfumes, and even the occassional snack or treat.  I completed a beauty profile at the beggining of my subscription to notify them that I was open to receiving samples from any company, that I had sensitive skin, that I tend to wear traditional makeup, and shared as much as I wanted about myself and my beauty routine. 

This month's January Birchbox contained the following:

Found inside:

I've tried this one a couple of times this month and like the creamy lotion and how it makes my skin feel. 
I doubt I would order a full sized container of it because of the price...$115 for 1.7 fl. oz.  Yikes! 

This was definitely a yummy snack. 
I've purchased Larabars before and have liked them.  I would buy this flavor again.

I haven't busted this guy out yet.  It's not because I don't need it; it's really because with all of the treatments that I've had this month, I've actually worn very little makeup and have been out in public very little. 
I'm hoping to try this guy out very soon. 

My sample was in the Purple Tang color...a "blackish aubergine" color as described on the website.  I've used this once and liked it but it did require makeup remover in order to get it off.  I think it's certainly reasonably priced at $20.00/each, and this didn't run down my face as the day went on.  I can certainly see why Birchbox is sold out of the product on their webpage. 

This is a really awesome product.  You need very little to make a difference on your skin.  It smooths your skin and adds a little bit of a glow to it that is just enough to make you look refreshed.  It's definitely one that I would consider purchasing if it WASN'T $125.00 for 1.69 fl. oz.  Ouch! 
I'm going to use this little sample until the jar is empty and then consider ordering more. 
I even had Josh use this after a long weekend out in the wind and sun and he loved it. 
Maybe purchasing one bottle for two people would help justify the cost...ok, probably not!

Each month there have been a few standout favorites in my box that I have really enjoyed and have either used until my sample was completely finished or ended up going online and ordering the product directly from Birchbox or the company itself (whichever one had the cheapest shipping to be honest).  Birchbox does offer free shipping on your products that were included in that month's box. I've learned about the products and the companies through Birchbox and probably never would have given them a try unless I had tried them for myself. 

My monthly favorites have included:


Jouer's Moisturizing Lip Gloss...this came in a very bright pink shade.   I was skeptical of the color until I tried it.  I've really liked it.  I think it's going to be a great addition to my spring makeup bag!


This protein mist is the perfect product to use in order to refresh hair on the 2nd day or wear...even for people like me that have very fine hair.  It puts just enough product in your hair to revive it and help with restyling.  This was a large sample and I'm still using it every few days. 


Love!  Love!  It's thick and creamy...a perfect foot lotion. 
I've really loved the Ahava products that Birchbox has sent out.


These are the nail polish stickers that you apply directly to your fingernails or toenails.  They are awesome!  They last for a really long time.  I liked these a lot and have actually bought the Sally Hansen version of these at the store a number of times.


This stuff was crazy cool!  You rub this on your face, after it has been cleaned and is still damp, and it slowly begins to slough off the dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin.  I was skeptical as to how this would work and whether or not it would make a difference.  It certainly did and didn't leave my sensitive skin itchy or raw.  I was very impressed by this product.  It's one that I am ordering now.


Loved this one!!  The cleanser is light and left my face clean without feeling too washed out.  As soon as I run out of my current cleanser, I plan on giving this one a try full-time.

I'm going to continue subscribing to my Birchbox for a little while longer.  If you like trying new beauty products, like getting treats in the mail, and are open to exploring companies and items that are outside of your normal routine players each day, I think you would certianly enjoy it too.  You can sign up for a single month, for a specific number of months that you choose or for a full year.  It's up to you!

Here is a link to Birchbox that will link you to me as the referral...
Happy Beautifying, Loves!!!


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