Thursday, November 10, 2011


Ok, most people would not call me 'trendy'.  I certainly think I have a more classic and simple style. 

Pinterest has definitely inspired me to push beyond my black pant boredom and step out, very slowly, into slightly more updated looks. 

A trend I am trying today is the black dress and tights with brown boots.  A perfect look for fall, I think.  

Gasp...I know.  Black and brown, together?  Who knew?!

Obviously I didn't. 

I found these inspiration photos that led to my fashion exploration today...

All photos are from Pinterest

And now, my attempt (posed so fashionably in my husband's closet)...

Now, the only thing that I have noticed with this have to explain it to others.  My secretary and father both asked if I "knew what I was doing" with my outfit today.  I'm not sure you've accomplished pulling off a trend well when you have to explain to others that it is ok to be warn together. 
Hmm...maybe I'm not meant to be a fashionista. 

Have you tried this trend yet? 

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  1. Love this look, Nat! I need some boots like this to try it for myself :-)