Monday, November 7, 2011

November? Seriously?

Wow...I have no idea how November got here.  I was cruising along in September when I blinked and November arrived. 


Most of October was a big blur.  The main reason being that Josh and I were gone for a major part of it.  We recently returned from the Mayo Clinic in Arizona.  We were there for nine very long days.  The trip was actually really wonderful despite the fact that we were there for medical reasons. 

Here are just a few pics from the trip...

I took a walk on the red dirt outside of Sedona...
to feel the earth's healing 'vortexes'.  It couldn't hurt, right?

We saw 5 rainbows around Sedona's red rock canyons.  Amazing!

Loved the red rock cliffs.

Saguaro Lake outside of Scottsdale

Could not have made it without my #1 him!

More on all of that to come. 

Just know...God is SO good!  SO good!


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