Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My latest obsession...

I'm not cheating.  I swear. 

I'm just tumbling.

What the...? 

I know.  It didn't make much sense to me in the beginning either.  However, it's an addiction now.

I obsessed with Tumblr.  It's the coolest way to collect inspiration from all over the place.  It's basically an online notebook where you can collect or blog anything and everything that inspires you, you want to talk about or share, or hold on to for something down the road.  I started Tumbling to collect images for my blog and it's just gotten a little out of control.  Tumbling is fast and fun...and addictive. 

If none of this makes any sense, check it out here...

Southern Grace on Tumblr

This is where I keep finding inspiration for the guest bedroom...

And ideas for a future mudroom...

via Tiny White Daisies

And cute craft and gift ideas...

Can you see how the obsession began?  It's just too fun to see what is posted everyday.  You can "follow" people that you like...who collect images that you like.  To view all of the images I have collected simply go to Southern Grace on Tumblr and click on the "Archive". 

Now, if you end up joining and start Tumbling too...give a shout out my way and follow me there.  And then I'll see you at the next 12 step meeting..."Hi, I'm Natalie.  I'm a Tumblr."  I'll save you a seat.  

It's true.  With Tumblr you'll end up with...



  1. oh my gosh. you may have just made me a new convert. too fun.

  2. It can be so totally addicting, Julie! Let me know your profile name so that I can 'follow' you. XOXO!!