Monday, July 9, 2012

Whatcha been doing?

Trying to write today's blog I started thinking about what we have been up to lately.  It's sort of a big blur.  I have no idea where June went.  Seriously.  And now we are already on the second week of July.  Wow. 

So, we've been busy and going a lot lately.  Maybe a little too much.  My body has decided to revolt so we are slowing down a bit.  Slowing way down actually...this weekend I did nothing.  Seriously, nothing.  It was fab!

So, catching up...sometimes I think it's easier to do this via pictures rather than a lot of text. 

Let's go...

I made these amazing Hawaiian Barbeque Bacon Burgers recently.  We made them with grass fed, organic beef...which is expensive, but let me tell you...we could tell a difference!!  Such a delicious difference.  Even Josh thought so.  Awesome. 

Oh, and grill some's so delish.

I'm in the middle of Grace for the Good Girl for my girl's bible study group.  Great book especially for this recovering good girl.  Read it.  You can also find Emily's blog and discussion on the book here.

Rediscovered a few blogs that I really enjoy but was behind in reading...

Josh and I bought a movie that we totally fell in love with at the theater. 
We were so surprised by this little film.  It's so good.  Go rent it.  You'll be surprised.

Happy Monday, loves! 

As you can see my ADD is in full swing this Monday...I'm all over the place.

I better get focused. 

Focus...focus...focus...mmmm, cupcakes!?!

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